What is a land management agency?

Land management agencies include:

• The Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service

• The Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs and Bureau of Reclamation.


If you’re a current or former Land Management employee, who worked in a term or temporary job, you may be eligible to apply to merit promotion jobs at any federal agency.

To apply to a merit promotion job, you must apply within two years of your last term or temporary job and meet all of the following conditions:

  • You worked for a land management agency. Refer to the list of land management agencies above.
  • Your job was a term or temporary job in the competitive service.
  • You worked for a land management agency for more than 24 months – it doesn’t have to be continuous, as long as there’s no break of two or more years.
  • You received acceptable performance ratings throughout your term or temporary employment.
  • You did not leave your job due to misconduct or performance.

How do I know a job is open to the Land Management workforce?

In the job announcement look for the This job is open to section. Look for the Federal employees icon: You can apply to any merit promotion job that is open to Federal Employees.

You can also select the Federal employees filter in search. Your results will display all jobs open to federal employees.

You may also apply to jobs open internally at any agency. Look for the Internal to an agency icon: .