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These four roles are available under this job posting. You may apply for up to two (2) using the Apply button.

IT Specialist Generalist
As an Information Technology (IT) Specialist, you'll foster dialog and decision making by clearly and concisely presenting the data-driven information and recommendations that allow HHS to create, implement, and support information technology services. You'll also collect and analyze data to develop policy and provide oversight and governance for U.S. health and human services.

IT Customer Support Specialist
As an IT Customer Support Specialist, you'll work with other specialists in an ever-changing environment to plan and deliver IT support services to the workforce innovating the future of health care. You may assist users with technical installation, configuration and troubleshooting, evaluate new and existing technical IT products and business requirements, plan new projects, manage physical assets, train users, and collect and analyze data for process improvement.

IT Data Management Specialist
As an IT Data Management Specialist, you'll develop systems for acquiring, storing, and retrieving data at HHS. You'll improve data quality, identify patterns, and visualize results so that data-driven insights will become organizational standards that drive action. You'll also work with others to anticipate, analyze, and define data requirements and ethics, and then create policies and best practices based on those requirements. You may also evaluate and govern the use of new data technologies.

IT Policy and Planning Specialist
As an IT Policy and Planning Specialist, you'll develop the policies, procedures, and requirements for IT activities that inform how HHS delivers modern health care. You'll work with others to review and guide policy needs, and define agreements with internal and external customers. You may also manage vendor relationships, including analyzing prior purchases for consolidation or alternative procurement approaches, negotiating discounts, preparing acquisitions, and managing contracts.


Subject matter experts will evaluate the first two pages of your resume based on these competencies. You must have at least a year demonstrating accomplishment of the duties and competencies described below.

  • Analytical Ability (required for all roles): Approaches problems quantitatively and displays critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Breaks down complex problems into component parts. Defines and tracks key metrics to make data-driven decisions.
  • Managing Without Authority (required for all roles): Builds influence in organizations without relying on formal titles or roles, and uses that influence to achieve project success. Gains commitments from leaders and team members without formal reporting structures in place. Shares credit, understands and empathizes with others, and recognizes how different people value different incentives.
  • Stakeholder Engagement (required for all roles): Cultivates relationships with key internal and external stakeholders. Has superior communication skills that enable successful understanding and cooperation across all levels of an organization, including executive leadership.
  • Technical Communication (required for all roles): Explains technical concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences. Able to frame technical choices to decision makers and justify organizational IT needs against business priorities. Ability to understand others, empathize, and clearly articulate technical trade-offs to non-technical individuals.
  • IT Practices (required for all roles): Understands and applies IT methods and best practices, including troubleshooting technical issues, root cause analysis, mitigating risk, defining and communicating IT standards, and understanding and executing on business and technical requirements. Must have experience with modern IT practices within the last 5 years.

  • Customer Support (required only if you choose the IT Customer Support Specialist role): Works with internal and external users to address technical issues with hardware and software, anticipate user needs, install new software, maintain existing systems, and manage physical assets. Analyzes data to drive decisions and effectively support users.
  • Data Analysis (required only if you choose the IT Data Analyst Specialist role): Understands methods for ethically acquiring, storing, and retrieving data. Anticipates changes to data requirements. Evaluates and governs the use of new data technologies and architectures.
  • Policy and Planning (required only if you choose the IT Policy and Planning Specialist role): Quickly understands and grasps existing policies and procedures within an organization. Revises and crafts policies based on new laws, policy norms, and business needs. Clearly communicates policy guidance and changes to terms, conditions, and agreements.
You may be expected to travel for this position.

Who you'll work with

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How you will be evaluated

The evaluation process for this job is different from a typical job announcement.

The qualifications for this position will be evaluated by subject matter experts. Apply only if you meet the qualifications.

Resume and Portfolio Review

Subject matter experts will review the first three pages of your resume and the portfolio you submit to determine your technical qualifications for your chosen role(s) based on the required competencies.

Qualifying phone interviews

If the subject matter experts determine that your resume reflects the required competencies, you will have at least one phone interview to further assess whether your experience meets the required competencies for your chosen role(s). You may meet with more than one subject matter expert for a determination to be made.

Ranking and preference

Preference will be applied to applicants who move forward after the qualifying phone interviews.

Selection process

Participating agencies will receive certificates with qualified and referred applicants and will begin making offers directly to applicants. Applicants may receive multiple offers.

Future consideration

If you are not selected for this position you may be considered for similar positions at agencies for up to 1 year.

Candidates may be considered for other roles even if you do not formally submit an application (i.e. If you apply as a Customer Experience Strategist but we see potential in your skillset to serve as a Design Strategist, we may consider you for that position based on our own assessment.)

Required Documents

Only the first 3 pages of your submitted resume will be reviewed

Upload your resume as a PDF to ensure consistent formatting.

  • All applicants must submit a resume.

    • Resume: We will review up to 3 pages of your resume. On your resume, ensure that the qualifications for this job (through your work / related experiences, publications, certifications, etc.) are reflected in the first three pages if your page count is greater than 3. Also, be sure to include the start and end dates for each position you held, either month and year or month, day, and year for short-term projects. If your position was not full time, you must also indicate the number of hours worked per week.
    • Design portfolio: A PDF limited to 3MB, or include a URL within your resume, of work samples that exemplify your relevant experience. The portfolio can include case studies, examples of project work, and/or journey maps. Either your resume or portfolio should include what your role was in each of the projects.
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