Job Overview


About the Agency

The Money Laundering and Asset Recovering Section leads the Department’s asset forfeiture and anti-money laundering enforcement efforts. MLARS provides leadership by: (1) prosecuting and coordinating complex, sensitive, multi-district, and international money laundering and asset forfeiture investigations and cases; (2) providing legal and policy assistance and training to federal, state, and local prosecutors and law enforcement personnel, as well as to foreign governments; (3) assisting Departmental and interagency policymakers by developing and reviewing legislative, regulatory, and policy initiatives; and (4) managing the Department’s Asset Forfeiture Program, including distributing forfeited funds and properties to appropriate domestic and foreign law enforcement agencies and to community groups within the United States, as well as adjudicating petitions for remission or mitigation of forfeited assets. To this effect, MLARS is comprised of seven units and associated teams.

The incumbent will serve as Digital Currency Counsel in MLARS' Special Financial Investigations Unit, where the selectee will focus on developing money laundering cases involving third party money launderers, high level foreign corruption, and financial institutions in which digital currency was utilized.


As Digital Currency Counsel, the incumbent:

  • Identifies unexploited opportunities to target for criminal prosecution the professional money launderers, money transmitters, gatekeepers and financial institutions that utilize digital currency and works with investigators and MLARS' litigating units to pursue these opportunities.
  • Coordinates national and international money laundering and forfeiture actions related to digital currency with and through the law enforcement Cyber Centers.
  • Works closely with Assistant U.S. Attorneys and investigative agencies involved in digital currency investigations to develop a comprehensive, nation-wide strategy in which information and evidence is exchanged, investigative actions are coordinated, and the indictments, arrests, forfeiture actions, and prosecutions are planned and coordinated.
  • Identifies unexploited opportunities to aggressively apply forfeiture against the assets of the drug cartels and other transnational criminal organizations in digital currency investigations.
  • Provides money laundering and forfeiture advice to MLARS' litigating units and U.S. Attorney Offices around the country involved in digital currency investigations, including but not limited to reviewing seizures warrants, restraining orders, criminal forfeiture allegations, indictments, and other pleadings.
  • Develops and maintains relationships with partners at the U.S. Attorney Offices, other litigating components and offices, and federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies that investigate and prosecute digital currency cases.
  • Advises and instructs federal agents and prosecutors on complicated questions of law related to digital currency issues.

Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • Domestic and international travel may be required.

Relocation Authorized

  • No