Job Overview


About the Agency

Positions may be filled in any of the following areas:

Boise District Fire & Aviation with possible duty locations in Boise, Bruneau, Star, or Hammet, Idaho.

Idaho Falls District Fire & Aviation with possible duty locations in Idaho Falls, Pocatello, or Salmon, Idaho.

Twin Falls District Fire & Aviation with possible duty locations in Twin Falls, Shoshone, or Burley, Idaho.

Information about the surrounding areas may be found by clicking above.

We expect to fill multiple vacancies from this announcement.

This is an open continuous announcement for Supervisory Range Technician (Fire) (Engine Captains) within Idaho. Recruitment will continue through the closing date to fill positions as they become vacant. Certificates will be issued as the need occurs. Referrals will be made from among the best qualified candidates. The best qualified candidates will be determined based on the applicant pool available at each cut-off date. The first cut-off date will be (November 15, 2016). All required documentation must be received by 11:59 P.M. Eastern time of each cut-off dates to be considered for referral. Applicants who apply prior to November 15, 2016 will receive first consideration. Cut-off dates will be:

November 15, 2016
November 29, 2016
December 13, 2016
December 29,2016
January 10, 2017
January 27, 2017
February 07, 2017
February 21, 2017
March 7, 2017
March 21, 2017
April 4, 2017
April 18, 2017

Applications received by the other established application cutoff dates will be referred as needed.


- Serves as a supervisory wildland firefighter on a wildland fire engine.

- Directs the operation of a wildland fire engine, ensuring the correct positioning, proper use and operation.

- Personally performs and directs others in starting pump, adjusting engine speed and pump valves, and laying hose.

- Control activities such as suppression, preparedness, prevention, monitoring, hazardous fuels reduction, and prescribed burning.

- Provides technical and administrative supervision to wildland engine crews.

- Plans work to be accomplished. Sets and adjusts short term priorities.

- Completes administrative paper work, fire reports, interacts with public, conducts briefings, teaches fire training courses, and works with multi-agencies.

Travel Required

  • 50% or Greater
  • Frequent travel will be required during times of peak fire activity.

Relocation Authorized

  • No
  • Additional Duty Location Info

    • FEW vacancies - Boise, ID
    • FEW vacancies - Bruneau, ID
    • FEW vacancies - Burley, ID
    • FEW vacancies - Hammett, ID
    • FEW vacancies - Idaho Falls, ID
    • FEW vacancies - Pocatello, ID
    • FEW vacancies - Salmon, ID
    • FEW vacancies - Shoshone, ID
    • FEW vacancies - Star, ID
    • FEW vacancies - Twin Falls, ID