Job Overview


This position may be located in either the Office of Energy Statistics or the Office of Energy Analysis of EIA.  This position is established to provide an expert analyst and consultant to perform statistical analyses projects pertaining to the Energy sector or to a sub-sector of it.

A successful candidate in this position will perform assignments that involve the initiation, formulation, planning, execution and control of major statistical studies or continuing projects, representing an important segment of primary statistical projects of the Energy Information Administration. 


As a Industry Economist, you will:

  • Develop, design, perform and document a broad range of statistical analyses involving current and projected priced, production, supply and distribution patterns, conditions and problems pertaining to Energy.
  • Evaluate different statistical approaches and methods.  Selects, adapts, refines or develops most effective statistical methods.
  • Plan, design, conduct and oversee test to obtain data.  Determine optimum sample sizes and sources of data appropriate for studies.
  • Monitor and conduct a variety of specialized and complex statistical research projects and studies important to agency decision-makers.
  • Apply extensive knowledge of issues, problems and subject studied to assure results reflect world environments.
  • Generate ideas for new programs, policies, studies and approaches in assigned subject areas.

Travel Required

  • Not Required