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Work schedules

The hours of a day (daily tour of duty) and the days of an administrative workweek (weekly tour of duty) that are scheduled in advance and during which an employee is required to perform work on a regularly recurring basis. This may be a set number of days and hours.

For example, a schedule could be Monday - Friday, from 9 am or 5 pm or Wednesday - Sunday, from 4 pm to Midnight. Other work schedules are flexible and may vary from week to week or day to day. Both the hours worked each day and the days worked each week can vary.

Several work schedules exist – alternative, flexible, fixed and compressed.

Full time

A work schedule that requires most employees to work 40 hours during the traditional work week, or 80 hours in a pay period.

Part time

A work schedule that requires most employees to work less than 40 hours during the traditional work week, or less than 80 hours in a pay period.

Shift work

Occurs in a work schedule that utilizes 24 hours a day and occasionally, 7 days a week, to keep an organization operating. Shift work occurs whenever 24 hour coverage is necessary or when a 24 hour day optimizes work output and productivity.


Service performed without a regularly scheduled tour of duty.

Job share

Alternative work schedule in which two employees voluntarily share the responsibilities of one full time job, and receive salary and benefits on pro-rata basis. Job sharing creates regular part time (half days, alternative days, alternative weeks, etc.) where there was one full time position, and thus avoids a total loss of employment in a layoff.

Multiple schedules

Two or more schedules presented alternatively. Open Continuous/Standing Register Jobs - Extended or open continuous announcements are used to accept applications in anticipation of vacancies.

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