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How to save a job announcement

You need to have a USAJOBS account and be signed in to save a job. You can save up to 25 job announcements in your account.

To save a job:

  1. Sign into your USAJOBS account.
  2. Search for a job by typing a keyword or location into the search box or run a saved search if you have one.
  3. Review the job search results.
  4. Click Save Job or the star icon next to the job title for each job you want to save. The link will change to Saved and the star will be filled in. This means the job is saved.
  5. Review your saved jobs in the Saved Jobs section of your account.

You can also save a job when you’re viewing a job announcement – look for the same yellow star and click Save.

Manage your saved jobs in your account

The Saved Jobs section of your account displays each job you save on USAJOBS. You must sign into your account to see all of your saved jobs. Here’s what you can do:

Sort your saved jobs

By default, the most recent saved jobs are listed at the top, but you can Sort by:

  • Saved date
  • Agency
  • Closing date
  • Job title

Receive email notifications

You can sign up to receive an email any time a saved job is scheduled to close in three calendar days. To receive email notifications, click on the Notifications icon and select the checkbox.

View job announcement information

Click the + to see more details about the saved job. Each saved job shows a summary including:

  • Position title
  • Hiring agency
  • Job location(s)
  • Closing date
  • The date you saved the job
  • Work schedule
  • Series and grade
  • Salary range

Learn more about the job announcement.

Apply, view more or remove saved jobs

Within the saved jobs details you can also apply, remove, or view more similar jobs.

What if I don’t see a saved job in my account?

There are a few reasons why you may not see a saved job in your account:

  • The agency may have closed the job announcement-an agency may choose to close a job before its posted closing date.
  • The agency may have canceled the job announcement.
  • You may have applied to the job. When you apply to a saved job it moves into your Active applications.
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