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How to understand the requirements of the job announcement

The Requirements section describes the type of experience you need, certain conditions you need to agree to for the job and how the hiring agency will evaluate your application.

Conditions of Employment

This section lists ‘conditions’ that you must agree to, or qualify for, if you get hired and accept the job. The conditions may vary from job to job. A few examples include:

  • Type of citizenship
  • Specific resume instructions
  • The need for a background investigation


The Qualifications section describes the experience, skills and other job related criteria. You must meet these qualifications to be considered for the job. It’s important that you read the entire section; some job announcements include multiple qualifications.

Read more about the General Schedule qualification standards or the Federal Wage System qualifications.

How you will be evaluated

The How You Will Be Evaluated section describes how the agency will evaluate your application. This section may include additional evaluation criteria, such as including a writing sample or completing a job assessment.

Preview job questionnaire

At the bottom of this section is a link to preview the job assessment questions—read these questions before you apply to the job. Your resume must support your answers to the job questionnaire.

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