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How to upload documents

Some job announcements require certain documents or forms, such as transcripts, a DD-214, SF-15, SF-50, OF-306, or other types of documents. Read the How to Apply section in the job announcement to know which documents you need to provide.

To upload a document

  1. Sign into your USAJOBS account.
  2. Go to the Documents section of your account.
  3. Click Other Documents.
  4. Click the Upload Documents icon.
  5. Browse the documents stored on your computer, select the document you would like to upload, and click Open.
  6. Name your document-the default name will match the file title from your computer. You have the option to edit the name of the document.
  7. Select the Document Type from the options below the document name.
  8. Click the Complete Upload button.

The uploaded document will appear in your account in the Other Documents section. The documents will appear in the order you upload them.

Document Size and Format

All documents must be less than 3MB in size and in one of the following document formats:

  • GIF
  • JPG
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • RTF
  • PDF
  • TXT
  • Word (.doc or .docx)

How do I upload a document that’s larger than 3MB?

If your document is larger than 3 MB, here are some suggestions:

  • Read Adobe’s tutorial on how to reduce PDF file size.
  • Print your document, scan it (if you have a personal scanner) and save it at a smaller size.
  • Use a smaller image format. Different image formats have varying sizes – JPEG files typically are the largest and PNG files are the smallest.
  • Take your document to an office supply store (i.e. Staples, FedEx Office/Kinkos) and ask them to shrink the document size for you and save it to a disk or flash drive. Make sure you tell the office tech the document can’t exceed 3MB (3,072 KB).

Transcripts Sometimes transcripts from an educational institution will have a security block that is flagged as a virus and makes the file very large—this prevents the file from being uploaded. If that happens, you need to print your transcript and scan it in to upload.

Do all agencies accept uploaded documents?

Not all agencies accept uploaded documents from USAJOBS. If the agency does not accept uploaded documents, you will skip this step during the USAJOBS application process. You may be asked to upload a document when you enter the agency application system.

Additional information

  • Documents uploaded during the Select Documents step of the USAJOBS application process will automatically be added to the Other Documents section of your account.
  • Only attach the documents specifically requested by the job announcement to which you are applying.
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