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How to supply education

Some Federal positions have education requirements, such as a specific degree or coursework. You can find these requirements in the Qualifications section of the job announcement.

If you’re applying to a job with education requirements, you must include the required education and coursework information in your resume. Your degree must be from an accredited academic institution. When education is used to qualify for a position, a Federal agency will ask you to provide a transcript when you apply to a job or upon tentative selection. If you have no degree, but have completed post-secondary courses, you should still provide that information.

Academic Level and School Information

You must provide documentation or proof that your degree(s) is from a school accredited by an accrediting institution recognized by the Secretary, U.S. Department of Education, or that your education meets the other provisions outlined in the OPM Operating Manual.

Education completed outside of the U.S. must be equivalent to accredited U.S. education programs.

Learn more about education and training requirements.

Academic Level and Degree Definitions

High School or Equivalent

Earned a high school diploma or GED (General Equivalency Diploma).

Technical or Occupational Certificate

Received training in a special skill to be pursued in a trade (i.e., mechanical, electrical, carpentry, etc.) or completed an organized program of study given by a recognized body or authority in a given subject area (i.e., MCSE, Java, CFA, Series 7, etc.)

Associate Degree

Completed undergraduate studies and earned a 2-year degree at an accredited institution.

Some College Coursework Completed

Attended college but has not graduated. (If no degree, show total credits earned and indicate whether semester or quarter hours.)

Bachelor’s Degree

Completed undergraduate studies and earned a 4-year degree (i.e., BA, BS, etc.) at an accredited institution.

Master’s Degree

Completed post-college graduate studies and earned a master’s level degree (i.e., MBA, etc.) at an accredited institution.


Earned degree (i.e., PhD), title or rank of doctor from an accredited institution.


Earned a professional degree (i.e., law, medical, dental, etc.) at an accredited institution.

What if I’m currently completing my degree?

If you’re currently completing your degree, select the degree and enter in the expected degree completion date.

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