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How to create an account

  1. Select the Create an Account link located on the USAJOBS homepage.
  2. Enter your primary email and create a username.
  3. Select I agree. Create my account.
  4. A personalized link will be sent your email. Select the personalized link to continue creating your USAJOBS account.
  5. Please add your Personal Information and Account Information.
  6. Select I have read and understand the security tips.
  7. Then, Select I agree. Create my account.
  8. You will be redirected to the Sign In page.
  9. Enter your Username or Primary/Secondary Email and Password.
  10. Select Sign In.

Please note: You do not need to create a USAJOBS account to search for jobs, but you must create an account and profile to apply for job announcements posted on USAJOBS.

Accounts, passwords, and security

As the USAJOBS account holder, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account, notably your password, and for any and all activity that occurs under your account as a result of failing to keep this information secure and confidential. You agree to notify USAJOBS Support immediately of any unauthorized use of your account or password, or any other breach of security. You may not use anyone else’s USAJOBS account at any time.

To help with these precautions, please follow these tips:

  • Always sign out of USAJOBS when you have completed your session with the system.
  • Avoid using the same password for multiple online accounts.
  • Avoid using passwords that you have used in the past.
  • Your USAJOBS account password should be something only you know, and should not be shared with anyone, even family members.
  • The e-mail address associated with your USAJOBS account should be personal and private, controlled by only you and not shared with anyone, even family members. Avoid using e-mail addresses that are issued and managed by another party or organization - .gov/.mil or a corporate e-mail account.
  • Choose security questions and answers that only you know the answer to, and that cannot be easily guessed by someone else.
  • Periodic password resets may enhance the security of your account. If you suspect that someone knows your USAJOBS username and password, you can change your password using the self-service password reset function by clicking Forgot Password
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