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What happened to my saved searches created before April 8, 2017?

On April 8, 2017 we changed our search filters – we added new filters and removed a few old filters. Because of the changes, we automatically archived any saved search created before April 8, 2017.

To find your old saved searches:

  1. Sign into USAJOBS.
  2. Go to your Saved Searches.
  3. Click Archived – you’ll find your old saved searches listed here.

Can I keep using my archived saved searches?

Yes, but if you were using any of the filters we removed, your search won’t include those any more.

  1. Click the saved search you want to keep
  2. Click Unarchive – this will move your saved search BACK to your Active saved searches.
  3. Go to your Active saved searches and open the saved search to view your results.
  4. Review your search criteria and results to make sure you’re getting the results you want.

Why am I missing some search filters?

We changed the way search filters work – we added new ones and removed a few old ones. Your old saved search may not have the exact search criteria you used previously, so you need to review and update your saved search. Or you can create a new one.

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