Job Overview


Tinker Air Force Base plays a key role in managing and maintaining the sophisticated weapon systems that keep America's air defenses strong. Whatever your background or expertise, you will find rewarding career opportunities at Tinker AFB where a highly skilled workforce of more than 24,000 civilians and military personnel work together to complete the Air Force mission.

Promotion Potential: 10

CUT-OFF DATE:  Complete application packages processed by the first cut-off date of 16 JUNE 2017 may be rated and receive first consideration for employment.  If your application is submitted and processed after this date, you will receive consideration on an "as needed basis".

NOTE: New appointment shall be made at the minimum rate of the appropriate grade unless regulatory guidance permits otherwise. 

This register is being established and may be used to fill:

(A) Full time permanent positions; OR

(B) Full time term positions exceeding 1 year but will not exceed 4 years from the date of the initial term appointment; OR

(C) Full time temporary positions not to exceed 1 year.


Primary duties of the position involve developmental entry-level tasks performing simpler and routine duties of an Aircraft Engine Repairer helper either on a continuing basis or to develop Aircraft Engine Repairer trade skills and knowledge.  These jobs require demonstrated aptitude to learn and advance in the Aircraft Engine Repairer trade by assisting with the disassembly/assembly of conventional and/or modified aircraft engines, which includes basic manufacturing of major components and accessories, such as compressor sections, rotors, combustion chambers, turbine wheels, and accessory drive gear boxes to complete final assembly buildup of the total engine by assisting with the installation of accessories such as pumps, fuel regulators, and ignition systems.

Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • Travel may be required in accordance with Joint Travel Regulations (JTR)

Relocation Authorized

  • No