Job Overview


About the Agency

A successful candidate in this position will serve as a student trainee by assisting higher graded journeymen in High Voltage Electrician work. Assignments are aimed at developing the student’s skills and knowledge to perform progressively more difficult duties.


As a Student Trainee you will:

  • Assist with the erection of power lines consisting of supporting structures, conductors, insulators, and auxiliary equipment. Replace or install poles, cross arms, insulators, line hardware, guys and anchors, overhead ground wire, braces, dampers, lightning arrestors, transformers, and other auxiliary substation and transmission equipment.
  • Operate and maintain equipment common to the electric utility trade including, but not limited to, multiple-drive vehicles, bull dozers, cranes, man-lifts, truck-mounted augers, welders, compressors, boom trucks, winch trucks, and truck and trailer combinations.
  • String conductors from structure to structure, clamping or tying to insulators, with or without armor rod, in such a manner as to maintain proper sag.
  • Work on energized lines and equipment (up to 161-kV) requiring the use of safety devices such as hot line tools, rubber gloves, mats, etc.

Travel Required

  • 50% or Greater
  • Travel is required to offsite locations for maintenance and repair of transmission system facilities.

Relocation Authorized

  • No