Job Overview


Tinker Air Force Base plays a key role in managing and maintaining the sophisticated weapon systems that keep America's air defenses strong. Whatever your background or expertise, you will find rewarding career opportunities at Tinker AFB where a highly skilled workforce of more than 24,000 civilians and military personnel work together to complete the Air Force mission.

The full performance level: 11 

NOTE: New appointment shall be made at the minimum rate of the appropriate grade unless regulatory guidance permits otherwise.    

CUT-OFF DATE: Complete application packages processed by the first cut-off date of 31 MARCH 2017 may be rated and receive first consideration for employment. If your application is submitted and processed after this date, you will receive consideration on an "as needed basis".

This register is being established and may be used to fill:

(A) Full time permanent positions; OR

(B) Full time term positions exceeding 1 year but will not exceed 4 years from the date of the initial term appointment; OR

(C) Full time temporary positions not to exceed 1 year.

Positions may be filled at any of the following grade level depending on the level of the positions being filled, qualifications of candidates, and desired grade level(s):  

WG-2602-08 Target 11        21.43/hr-28.75/hr

WG-2602-11                        24.65/hr-28.75/hr


The purpose of this position is to troubleshoot, repair, overhaul, modify, test and calibrate a variety of standard and nonstandard electronic test equipment such as microwave equipment, radar and missile test consoles, high frequency sampling and storage oscilloscopes, distortion analyzers, recording oscillographs and digital delay generators. Certify electronic precision measurement equipment (e.g., Automatic Test Equipment, radar test sets, oscilloscopes, voltmeters, computer test sets, multi-function test stands, etc.) which are used to repair and test components of communications, radar, automatic pilot, fire control, navigation and similar specialized systems.  Utilize computers to access, retrieve, and input data. Use and maintain trade tools.

Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • Travel may be required in accordance with Joint Travel Regulations (JTR)

Relocation Authorized

  • No