Job Overview





Fuel Distribution Systems Worker

Boise, Idaho

Appointment Type: Indefinite

PD #:D0594P00

Series/Grade: WG-5413-08/08

Salary Range: $20.93-$24.39



*Member may need to possess or be able to obtain and maintain a secret security clearance.

*PCS is not authorized*

MEMBERSHIP IN THE ARMY NATIONAL GUARD IS REQUIRED:  This is an Excepted Service position that requires membership in the Idaho Army National Guard as a condition of employment.  Selectee will be required to wear the military uniform.  Acceptance of an Excepted Service position constitutes concurrence with these requirements as a condition of employment.  Loss of military membership will result in immediate loss of your full-time military technician position.

AREA OF CONSIDERATION: Current members of the Idaho Army National Guard.

In accordance with the Labor Management Agreement, Article 18, Promotions:

Area of Consideration

The area of consideration for all Idaho National Guard bargaining unit positions will be as follows:

 (1)   Bargaining unit members

 (2)   All other individuals 

This does not preclude management from selecting either Section (1) or Section (2) applications after Section (1) applicants have been considered.  

Application materials must be received by Tuesday, March 21, 2017.  Failure to provide complete information may result in your not receiving consideration for this position. Please refer to the Qualifications and Evaluations section to understand the requirements.


MAJOR DUTIES: (Detailed duties are on the Position Description available at the Human Resources Office)

The purpose of the position is to supervise and perform operations to receive, store, transfer, issue, and account for bulk petroleum products required to support weekend and annual training missions as well as the functions of the Training Site. Additionally, the purpose is to provide guidance to troops in training on the construction and operation of Bladder Tank Farms and the operation of service stations.


(1) Receives and issues and provides guidance to lower level workers in the receipt and issue of bulk petroleum products. Inspects carrier transportation for proper seals, safety requirements and environmental control devices. Connects grounding wire and hoses, and operates pumps, valves, and gages during pumping operation. Gages tanks
and checks for stray water content to determine volume of fuel received or issued, takes temperature readings, determines API gravity, and converts volume of fuel at tank temperature to volume of fuel at standard
temperature. Records gage, scale, and/or meter readings, volumes of fuel received and issued, fuel receipts for fuel.

(2) Takes samples of fuel for laboratory analysis. Based upon lab results, mixes or directs the mixing of fuels to increase flashpoint. or level of purity. Performs other tests for laboratory analysis to assess such operating conditions as condition of filters.

(3) Projects monthly quantities of fuels required for the coming year based on past consumption, forecasts of requirements from visiting units, and information provided by the USPFO concerning the monetary fuel
allocations of each national guard unit. Converts monetary allocations to gallon amounts and orders fuels under negotiated contract with a vendor who provides delivery. Schedules deliveries to assure adequate stock levels are available when needed.

(4) Accounts for all fuels received, stored, and issued. Conducts daily, weekly, and monthly inventory of fuels. Prepares monthly bulk petroleum accounting summary in accordance with Army regulations. Prepares and maintains logs and records to account for incoming and outgoing petroleum products, daily fuel requests and amount of consumption by user unit. Computes cumulative usage and cost accounting
records for each organization in training. Advises USPFO and unit representatives on allocations, cost, account balances, and availability of fuels. Monitors and restricts or bars fuel issuance to units reaching account limits.

(5) Provides technical advice on and inspects construction of all Bladder Tank Farms set up by tenants or units in training, to include Fuel System Supply Points and/or Forward Area Refueling Points. Ensures that berms are correct height, joints are elevated; grounding rods are installed, equipment (e.g. bladders, hoses, valves, and fittings) is in proper working condition and Tank Farms are constructed in accordance with Army Regulations.

(6) Performs operator maintenance on fuel distribution system, such as lubing pump bearings, changing strainer filters, adding anti-algae and other additives to fuels, and obtains and schedules required maintenance checks or repairs on system. Performs daily visual inspections of fuel facilities for leaks in storage tanks, excess fuels
and to ensure that pollution and fire hazards do not exist. Makes periodic security checks for proper lighting, fencing and locking systems as outlined by regulations.

(7) Prepares and updates fuel-related standing operating procedures (SOP's). Recommends modification of local forms as necessary.

(8) Serves as physical key custodian for all POL areas of responsibility, including service stations.

(9) Prepares and updates POL portion of the mobilization plan for the training site.

(10) Ability to be licensed and safely operate material handling equipment (MHE) ranging from 2k lbs to 30k lbs.

(11) Performs other duties as assigned.

Travel Required

  • Not Required

Relocation Authorized

  • No