Job Overview


Wyoming Military Department


Only current members of the Wyoming Air National Guard will be considered for this vacancy

WYOMING AIR NATIONAL GUARD MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED:  This is an excepted position that requires membership in a compatible military assignment in the Wyoming Air National Guard. Selectee will be required to wear the military uniform. Acceptance of an excepted position constitutes concurrence with these requirements as a condition of employment. Applicants must currently be members in the Wyoming Air National Guard in order to be considered for employment.

Open Area of Consideration: 

Area 4:  Job Opportunity (Dual Status Technician) - Merit Promotion:  All current military members of the Wyoming Air National Guard may apply.

Technician Info

Position Title: Logistics Management Officer

Position Series/Grade:  GS-0346-12

Position Description #:  D1404000


FAC #:  22A000

Technician Position #:  0857068

Military Position #:  0967152

Location:  153 AMXS

Military Grade

Min:     O3/Capt          Max:     O5/Lt Col



This position is located in an Air National Guard Wing Flying unit and serves as an Aircraft Logistics Officer. The purpose of this position is to plan, schedule, control and direct the use of logistics resources to meet mission requirements. Through subordinate supervisors, directs and supervisee aircraft modification, overhaul, and repair programs that affect highly complex single· or multi-engine military aircraft. Work requires the ability to integrate logistics functions to plan, organize, and implement an Air Force logistics program. In addition, work requires a knowledge of logistics management procedures, capabilities, limitations, and techniques of avionics systems; theory of flight; principles of airframe construction, engines, and aircraft installed systems; and supply, transportation, and POL operation procedures as related to aircraft logistics units.


(1) Manages and administers aircraft logistics activities within Aircraft Generation Division and Maintenance Division (Component Repair Division and Equipment Maintenance Division, if applicable). Plans, develops, and publishes aircraft logistics policies and procedures within the general framework, as established by higher echelons of command. Manages the overall maintenance and related support act1vities to assure timely, effective and complete logistical support of base, group, wing, state, National Guard Bureau and Air Force mission requirements. Supervises the preparation of plans for logistical support of operational missions. Reviews aircraft maintenance and related material support requirements in terms of specific objectives, relative priorities, capabilities and limitations. Advises commander and staff on status of logistics programs, functional capabilities, and current and projected operational training and mission requirements. Serves on the flight planning committee to ensure proper scheduling of aircraft commitments commensurate with logistics capability.

(2) Supervises and directs the preparation of budget estimates; financial plans; studies of the aircraft logistics organization; manning requirements; facility requirements; mobility or contingency requirements; and publications related to maintenance, methods, policies and procedures. Utilizes the compilation and development of current aircraft logistics data, analysis, and reports in order to analyze and keep abreast of aircraft logistics trends; and to analyze the organization's logistical capabilities and evaluate logistical effectiveness.

(3) Coordinates logistics activities with supervisors, various base activities, and higher echelons of logistics such as Air Force Depot Weapons Systems Managers, NGB, Major Command Staff, etc. Maintains liaison with counterparts at other ANG bases, particularly those possessing the same type of aircraft, to ensure a prompt and free exchange of pertinent technical, management, and mission information. Participates in conferences and seminars as the aircraft logistics representative for the base or NGB, as required.

(4) Administers a sound aircraft logistics personnel management program to assure that personnel in staff, supervisory, and technical positions are highly qualified and motivated. Interviews and selects applicants for supervisory positions or other key positions. Establishes work performance standards for supervisors and key personnel; and assigns annual performance evaluations. Initiates disciplinary actions, promotion actions, and step increases. Recommends performance awards. Approves sick leave and annual leave for key personnel and approves overall leave schedules for the organization. Counsels subordinates, explains logistics and personnel policies, hears grievances and resolves work problems. Reviews the overall human resource program within the organization to ensure that subordinate supervisors are effectively accomplishing their personnel management responsibilities. Reviews job description changes proposed by subordinate supervisors and assures accuracy and completeness of supervisory job descriptions. Makes periodic reviews of position structures to determine whether each position is necessary for accomplishment of operations and whether duties are assigned and organized in a manner which provides economy and efficiency of operations. Approves overall training for the logistics function.

(5) Administers a rigid safety and security program within the aircraft logistics organization.

Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • As needed.

Relocation Authorized

  • No