Job Overview


This position is located in the Agricultural Research Service, Pollinating Insect-Biology, Management Systematics Research Unit, Logan, UT. 

The mission of the Pollinating Insect-Biology, Management, Systematics Research unit is the development of non-Apis bees and enhancement of the role of native species in the pollination of annual, perennial, greenhouse, and nursery crops while maintaining environmental quality. Such bees include, but are not limited to, mason bees, leafcutting bees, and bumble bees. Research emphases include the development and improvement of commercial management systems (including pest and disease control and diagnosis), biology and natural history that relates to bee management, pollination for crop production, conservation and ecology, and taxonomy and systematics. The primary goals are to quantify pollinator populations over time, to investigate factors impacting pollinators, to improve pollinator availability, and to understand better how bee population size and density affect crop pollination. Critical to this mission is determining how pathogens and parasites, pesticides, and floral resource diversity and availability affect all pollinators. Evaluating and conserving wild bee diversity are equally important to preserve environmental quality and pollination services.

This position will support a Research Entomologist who is a molecular systematist and conducting research on the systematics of pollinating insects and determining their distributions and roles in agriculture and natural ecosystems.  This research will be key to performing native bee surveys, resolving species identifications of native bees, learning more about the native bee biologies, and  ensuring the conservation and preservation of essential pollinators.  


Major Duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Collects, prepares, evaluates and verifies samples and supporting records.
  • As directed, searches for literature pertinent to area of research for new procedures or techniques to use in the laboratory, field, or greenhouse.
  • Tabulates, statistically analyzes and summarizes data using personal computers and software packages.
  • Maintains inventory of chemicals, stock solutions, etc.

Travel Required

  • Not Required

Relocation Authorized

  • No