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The Navy and Marine Corps team offers innovative, exciting and meaningful work linking military and civilian talents to achieve our mission and safeguard our freedoms. Department of the Navy provides competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and extensive professional development and training. From pipefitters to accountants, scientists to engineers, doctors to nurses-the careers and opportunities to make a difference are endless. Civilian careers-where purpose and patriotism unite!

Discover a civilian career that is filled with possibilities with the Naval Intelligence Community and become part of something that makes a difference for you, your country, and the world.

The Naval Intelligence Community spans across many organizations that provide direct support to the Navy, Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard and various Joint and Fleet Commands. Gain an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the Navy relative to the broader Intelligence Community and work side by side with your fellow companions throughout the DOD and various other intelligence agencies.

NMIO is a U.S. Navy entity designated by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to provide a service of common concern for the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC), acting as the National Intelligence Manager for the Maritime Domain.  NMIO:

1) Expands the Global Maritime Community of Interest (GMCOI), with stakeholders both inside and out of the IC and Federal government; 2) Improves maritime intelligence and information sharing; 3) Advocates for GMCOI collection and analytic requirements and priorities; and, 4) Engages with the international science and technology community to identify emerging technological threats and opportunities for the maritime domain.

NMIO is located at the National Maritime Intelligence Center, Suitland, Maryland.

This Intelligence Specialist position serves as a National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office (NMIO) Portfolio Mission Manager and primary action officer for coordinating multi-agency, national level, strategic, maritime intelligence for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and High-Explosive (CBRNE) counter-proliferation and similar threats to U.S. interests.  Also participates in the development and implementation of the NMIO Unifying Intelligence Strategy.



Integrate differing positions, unify and build consensus, and advocate priorities on behalf of maritime stakeholders.  

Conceptualize, plan, implement, and facilitate Intelligence Community (IC) and Interagency Subject Matter Expert (SME) stakeholder working groups to identity the maritime community's most challenging strategic intelligence priorities and requirements. 

Support and lead IC forums, working groups, initiatives, campaigns, and other activities with subject matter experts. 

Establish and maintain person-to-person relationships through collaboration with IC and Interagency SMEs.

Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • Some travel may be required.

Relocation Authorized

  • Yes
  • Relocation incentives as described in 5 USC 5753 may be authorized in accordance with applicable command policy and available command funding.