Job Overview


NOTE: This position is covered by the bargaining unit.

The Bureau of Indian Education's mission is to provide quality education opportunities from early childhood through life in accordance with the tribes’ needs for cultural and economic well-being and in keeping with the wide diversity of Indian tribes and Alaska Native villages as distinct cultural and governmental entities.

The incumbent of this position serves as a classroom teacher in a BIE school on or near the Reservation. The instruction area will be Special Education in a Elementary School setting.

This position is filled under P.L. 95-561 and will require a contract renewal on an annual basis.

INDIAN PREFERENCE: Preference in filling vacancies is given to qualified Indian candidates in accordance with the Indian Preference Act of 1934 (Title 25, USC, Section 472). Verification Form BIA-4432 must be submitted with the application if claiming Indian Preference. In the absence of Indian Preference eligibles, a non-Indian Preference applicant may be appointed.


·        Prepare yearly instructional outlines and related daily lesson plans covering relevant units of study and specifying objectives, activities and evaluative methods/instruments for both group and individual instructional programs.

·        Teach students by selecting, developing, adapting and implementing appropriate instructional methods and techniques utilizing available resources to provide for academic achievement.

·        Continuously evaluate individual and group academic progress through the use of criterion-referenced tests, periodic standardized tests, oral tests, and/or other relevant evaluative methods/instruments.

·        Develop and conduct instruction within an environment that provides and promotes opportunities for the students to develop rapport, inter-relationships, self-discipline and a positive self-image.

·        Maintain control of assigned class(es) and handle discipline independently except for chronic or extreme behavior problems.

·        Supervise assigned students as scheduled, or provide for their supervision, throughout the academic day and/or activity in order to provide for the safety, health, and welfare of the students in compliance with school, Agency , and Area Guidelines.

Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • To attend meetings/conferences at other agency/school locations.

Relocation Authorized

  • No