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The Management Operations Directorate, Protective Services Division (Code 240) seeks a highly motivated individual to serve as an International Visits Coordinator responsible for functioning as the initial point of contact for coordinating, approving and recording foreign visit requests to Goddard's facilities and IT resources.


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The duties described below are for the full-performance level. At developmental grade levels, assignments will be of more limited scope, performed with less independence and limited complexity.

As an International Visits Coordinator, you will serve as the initial point of contact for coordinating, approving and recording foreign visit requests for access to Goddard's facilities and IT resources. Maintain the Goddard Foreign National access database within the Identity Management and Account Exchange (IdMAX) system, and enter foreign national visit requests and foreign employees into the IdMAX database.

You will review and manage database content, and monitor all phone calls, fax documents, and correspondence from designated countries before approval is granted. Maintain all back-up files. Coordinate visits of representatives from foreign countries with Directorates, and as appropriate with Headquarters' International Relations Division and Program Offices. You will respond to inquiries and secure information from foreign representatives and advise Directorate(s) regarding procedures for handling visits to the Center. Assist with the scheduling of itineraries, and initiate the type of escort, designation of badge, etc.

You will coordinate visits of dignitaries to NASA Headquarters who wish to view a field Center, and act as liaison between Headquarters and the Center to assure a concerted effort. Coordinate, analyze and review arrangements for assignment of foreign guest workers including those affiliated with local universities. Review necessary documentation and assure compliance with policy and prepare documents for NASA Headquarters approval. Upon approval, coordinate actions with the appropriate Directorate and work with co-workers within the Protective Services Division to determine the type and duration of access to the Center. Obtain and review required documents for securing required information from the Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR), in support of contractors' foreign employees.

You will review all outgoing foreign correspondence, forms, and procedures to ensure expeditious handling. Coordinate proposed changes and/or revised policy from NASA Headquarters, the State Department, and Department of Defense with the Directorates. Consolidate comments and respond to NASA Headquarters as necessary. You will recommend local policy, develop procedures, and implement these procedures as appropriate. Independently advise on common program and/or administrative problems and issues. Contribute findings and recommendations to higher-level decisions on well-established projects or programs.

You will research and/or analyze unstable or uncommon administrative and/or program issues. Determine pertinent issues and collect relevant information from a wide variety of source, including classified information related to foreign policy, national security, and foreign developments. Review information and apply standard analytical techniques, and develop recommendations, taking into account unanticipated changes and unusual factors.