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The Institutional Support Office, (Code 201), in the Management Operations Directorate seeks a highly skilled individual to serve as a Resources Analyst. You will contribute financial management support to the establishment of program objectives and be responsible for the application of financial management techniques in the accomplishment of those objectives.


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As a Resources Analyst, you will identify relationships between projected major program changes and the projected budget. Forecast shortfalls and actions necessary to accommodate the changes. Prepare special analyses of fund expenditures as necessary. Evaluate the effect of cost and program changes on the budget execution process. Review and coordinate accounting records and prepares apportionments, allocations, and operating budgets. Monitor, track, and report on program obligations, and assure that program funding data are entered into agency financial system correctly. Conduct annual year-end closing activities and reconciles with accounting records.

You will conduct a wide range of cost accounting processes for projects, such as communication, utilities, transportation, security, support contractor's costs, in-house construction projects, purchase orders, grants, and non-contractual procurement activities. This includes participation in special projects developing cost estimates, providing analysis, and supplying information. Prepare and process monthly cost accruals using a variety of methods. Analyze and provide explanations of significant cost variances and assists managers in making recommendations using activity based costing techniques, as well as conducting cost reporting and serving as the point of contact on matters related to cost presentation.

Prepare budget estimates for major substantive or administrative internal operating programs, and consolidate estimates into an integrated budget forecast. Review a broad base of historical data and current trends to validate and consolidate requests and estimates for an integrated budget for a major multifunctional program. Resolve complex problems of prediction and forecasting which result from uncertainties or changes in the operating programs, and for determining the propriety of systems and methods used by operating officials in developing estimates for funding requirements. Identify trends indicating a deficit in future funds, and initiate reprogramming and reprogram funds between operating programs when authorized.