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About the Agency

The NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) Pathways Intern Employment Program (IEP) provides students with the opportunity to explore NASA careers and gain meaningful developmental work experience. This program follows the Cooperative Education (Co-op) Model, which is a work/study program in which you can gain valuable work experience while completing your degree requirements.

In our program, you will alternate between terms at school and paid employment at JSC. The unique aspect of JSC's IEP is that each work tour, you will rotate into a new functional area. This job will help you gain invaluable work experience in several different areas before graduation.

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This position is part of the NASA Pathways Intern Program which is a formal training program.

You may be required to perform rotational assignments in various organizations. Additionally, this position requires you to work a specific schedule such as one semester at school followed by one semester at NASA.

As a Pathways Intern at JSC, you'll have the opportunity to contribute to our continued work of providing business management support to major programs; procuring ground and flight hardware; planning and preparing organizational budgets; conducting financial audits and planning, awarding, and managing contracts.

As a Pathways Intern, you will work under the guidance of and assist business professionals with progressively responsible duties. You will perform tasks of a developmental nature in business disciplines such as (but not limited to) Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, and Public Administration.

We are seeking students who have a core foundation of logical reasoning, with the ability to learn quickly, pay attention to detail, communicate effectively, and who work well with teams.