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JOB DESCRIPTION: GEOINT Analysts (Thermal Infrared Image Science) apply advanced techniques to determine the intelligence and geospatial information contained in thermal infrared imagery. They conduct phenomenological studies on objects or events of interest to inform intelligence conclusions. They develop algorithms, evaluate tools, and create customized infrared methodologies and products to address a variety of geospatial intelligence problems.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Thermal image scientists should be cognizant of thermal imaging phenomenology, processing techniques, systems and other applications. Experience with various commercial software packages is required. The successful candidates should possess initiative and excellent organizational skills, be highly motivated, be able to work equally well independently or as part of a team, be able to provide coaching and mentoring to junior personnel and be able to make decisions quickly and effectively.

Thermal image scientist duties include special processing and analysis of airborne and space-borne thermal imagery, and preparing tailored information and products. The applicant should have experience with image processing systems, possess experience with national, civil, commercial and tactical imagery sources and possess substantive and substantial experience with thermal data sources, processing algorithms and tools, and analysis; be familiar with basic mensuration tools and techniques; be able to develop and implement new work processes and exploitation methodologies; and should be prepared to serve as a technical representative to various community working groups.

Relocation Authorized

  • No