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JOB DESCRIPTION: GEOINT Analysts (Radar Image Science) apply advanced techniques to determine the intelligence and geospatial information contained in radar data. They develop algorithms, evaluate tools, and create customized radar methodologies and products to address a variety of geospatial intelligence problems.

DEVELOPMENTAL ASSIGNMENT: Some positions advertised are Band 2 Developmental Positions and part of the NGA Developmental Program (DP). Positions in the DP will be hired with starting base salaries ranging from $38,387 to $48,995. Employees in the DP program will be evaluated annually to determine if they meet performance and proficiency requirements. If requirements are met, DP employees will be eligible for an annual DP increase to support progression through the entry/developmental pay band. Upon meeting all performance and proficiency requirements the employee is eligible to be promoted to Band 3 and will be graduated from the DP program.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The Office of Sciences and Methodologies provides timely, relevant, and crucial Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) science solutions for combat support and national intelligence missions. The office enables the integration of advanced sensor phenomenology, leverages new technologies, and develops new techniques and methodologies to enable the deepening and broadening of analytical expertise. Radar imagery scientists are a critical component of this GEOINT science mix. They perform special processing and analysis of airborne and satellite SAR data, prepare tailored information and products, explain technical concepts to non-specialists in an understandable manner, and serve as technical representatives to a variety of working groups.

Relocation Authorized

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