Job Overview


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The responsibility of this position is primarily responsible for assisting Naval Criminal Investigative Service Special Agents in planning, coordinating, and conducting sensitive and controversial investigations and establishing and maintaining contacts with various commands and officials of numerous law enforcement and governmental agencies within area of responsibility to obtain and exchange information to further the myriad of missions assigned to the NCIS. The position requires knowledge of investigative techniques, the laws, Uniform Code of Military Justice, rules, regulations, and NCIS strategic priorities/objectives. The position requires skill in interviewing and interrogation techniques, crime scene processing, and the ability to prepare reports and findings.


As an Investigator, your duties may include but are not limited to:

·     Supporting NCIS Special Agents by conducting records and database inquiries, surveillance, serving warrants and/or executing command authorized searches, identifying and collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, victims, and sources, interrogating subjects, taking sworn statements, and participating in prosecutorial proceedings or administrative actions to include presenting evidence and testifying at courts-martial, civil trials and administrative hearings in support of investigations pertaining to violations of Titles 10, 15, and 18 of the United States Code and the Uniform Code of Military Justice in addition to violations of state/local statutes requiring NCIS investigative involvement and support.

·     Gathering and collecting investigative data and information from various sources. Developing contacts to gather pertinent information relative to on-going investigations, counterintelligence, or counterterrorism matters.  Analyzing and evaluating investigative results, organizes them in a logical manner, and preparing clear, complete and concise reports ensuring compliance with investigative standards, guidelines, and policies.

·     Initiating and maintaining liaison with local, state, regional or Federal government law enforcement, judicial, or intelligence officials to encourage exchange of information in conjunction with inquiries and investigations. Obtaining and providing reports, facilitates interviews and investigative support. Ability to research, assemble and compile data for reports and special projects.

·     Safeguarding sensitive and classified information and providing access to that information only within strict guidelines.  Receiving, evaluating, and reporting complaints and other allegations or information to appropriate officials for determination of further inquiry or investigative action.

·     Acting as the Program Coordinator for the NCIS Crime Reduction Program for assigned field office AOR; coordinates briefings and ensures Field Office program objectives are achieved.

Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • Travel is dependent upon position description and availability of funding.

Relocation Authorized

  • No