Job Overview


The Maryland National Guard has a proud 370 year-old tradition of serving the nation and the state during times of war and natural disasters. Since 9/11 we have deployed more than 4,600 soldiers and airmen to more than 30 countries in support of the Global War on Terror. Our organization consists of more than 7,000 dedicated citizen-soldiers and airmen committed to a common goal of serving the community.


Implements preliminary (advance) maintenance plans for assigned weapon systems and schedules immediate maintenance for transient aircraft. Maintains visual aids depicting status of maintenance actions in progress. Coordinates with materiel control on mission capable (MICAP) and non-mission capable status (NMCS) of parts, adjustments to in-shop work priorities, and verification of urgency of need designators. Coordinates with quality assurance on functional check flight (FCF) requirements, Air Operations on flying schedule, other maintenance shops for coordination of repair work and with other functional areas as required. Requests necessary support services such as firefighting activity standby, fuel and defuel and civil engineer support. controls the maintenance communications and transportation systems to provide for the effective transmission of information and movement of material and maintenance personnel. Develops and maintains current procedural check sheets for use during actions such as mass loads, combat turnaround, broken arrow (nuclear emergency), emergency war orders (EWO) notification. Makes required inputs to the automated data systems and retrieves data and/or computer generated products as required. Conducts training of assigned military personnel. Performs other duties as assigned.

Travel Required

  • Not Required

Relocation Authorized

  • No