Job Overview


About the Agency

The position is located in the Office of Special Programs, High Threat Programs Directorate, Diplomatic Security Service, Bureau of Diplomatic Security.

The incumbent serves as an Operations Planning Specialist responsible for developing and maintaining operations plans and providing operations planning advice, guidance and assistance in support of the Unit efforts to develop, implement and codify future operations plans and foster innovative operational approaches to support the Diplomatic Security mission.


-Develops scenario-based operations plans to be executed by the appropriate Diplomatic Security directorates and/or offices.

-Works closely with employees and managers in the organizations covered by the plans to ensure they address the organizations specific operational requirements.

-Performs ongoing maintenance of operation plans to ensure plans are current with changing priorities and remain sufficiently flexible and agile to enable rapid modification as required by changing global security conditions.

-Estimates and ensures the availability of appropriate personnel, equipment, and fiscal support required to execute approved operational plans.

-Forecasts and monitors the availability of resources required to support possible future operations.

-Supports an active lesson learned process and assists in the management of a central repository of all Diplomatic Security operations planning program.

-Maintains an awareness of new life safety and protective security methods, techniques, procedures and equipment in order to evaluate and recommend their application for Diplomatic Security contingency operations.

Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • Occasional Travel may be required domestically and overseas.

Relocation Authorized

  • No