Job Overview


About the Agency

NOTE TO APPLICANT: You MUST submit transcripts outlining course work at the time of submission of application. If transcripts are not provided applicants will be determined NOT QUALIFIED based on incomplete application.

A successful candidate in this position will study the effects of new and emerging technologies, rapidly changing industry practices, mergers and restructurings, new regulations, and other changes in the world and national economies and markets affecting production, pricing, supply and distribution patterns.


As a Operations Research Analyst, you will:


  • Perform specific segments of analyses projects, using standard techniques and theories of the profession.
  • Compile, organize and analyze data, identify likely significant variables and underlying relationships.
  • Maintain and enhance models and simulation techniques and scenarios for use in current and future energy studies.
  • Participate in facets of planning, designing and conducting tests to validate models and proposed enhancements.
  • Perform segments of analyses projects, using standard techniques.
  • Develops recommendations for priories, milestones and refinements of problem definitions for assigned project segments.
  • Prepare reports and charts to document study purposes, methods, premises, and conclusions, and participates in briefing officials on progress and conclusions of studies.

  • Perform segments of analysis projects using standard techniques and determine optimum samples sizes and sources of data appropriate for studies.
  • Compile, organize and analyzes data, identify likely significant variables and underlying relationships.
  • Participate in planning, designing and conducting tests to obtain and validate data

  • Plan, design and conduct or monitor tests to obtain data.
  • Develop study plans having sound problem definition and study priorities.
  • Select critical elements of real world systems for inclusion in models.
  • Advise co-workers and supervisors as to the impact of new/on-going programs.
  • Participates in conferences on energy program of Federal, local, and private agencies affecting the survey assignment.
  • Performs complete analyses of limited scope or portions of large projects, modifying/adapting techniques to fit situations, some requiring innovated approaches.

Travel Required

  • Not Required

Relocation Authorized

  • No