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Serves as a recognized expert engineer and technical consultant with the Vehicle Dynamics Division in the Office of Crash Avoidance Standards. The Office of Crash Avoidance Standards is responsible for developing safety standards related to reducing the likelihood that vehicles become involved in crashes. The Vehicle Dynamics Division provides a focal point for the development of motor vehicle safety performance improvements and promulgation of any resulting federal motor vehicle
safety standards, regulations, and/or guidelines dealing with crash avoidance characteristics of motor vehicle braking, steering, tires, and wheels. The Vehicle Dynamics Division also identifies, recommends, and on occasion, conducts research, development, and testing needed to support the development or modification of standards.

The ideal candidate for this position is highly self-motivated, possesses good engineering judgment, has excellent oral and written communication skills, and is capable of working cooperatively with other offices within NHTSA and organizations within the motor vehicle industry to accomplish the agency's goal of improved motor vehicle safety.

NHTSA is seeking a candidate who can combine a project's elements from research and development, compliance testing, and safety benefits analyses to develop, with excellent writing skills, a reasoned case in rulemaking support documentation for the recommendations of the program.

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As a General Engineer (Safety Standards), you will:

  • Assemble, evaluate and document, in coordination with other NHTSA staff, information and data in support of NHTSA positions in congressional and public hearings, judicial reviews or litigation in which standards, proposed standards or other agency programs are at issue. Assist and independently develop position papers and rulemaking support documentation which forms the basis for drafting notices, preambles, rules, and regulatory analyses.
  • Work toward independently identifying, analyzing, and quantifying safety problems. Survey the crash and vehicle related data and information available to NHTSA in search of appropriate and adequate solutions. Work to identify the research requirements for specific rulemaking action plans. Formulate requirements and assist in developing task descriptions in support of NHTSAs rulemaking actions.
  • Be primarily concerned with rulemaking activities for all types of motor vehicles associated with FMVSS No. 109, 110, 117, 119, 120, 129, & 139. These standards include the performance and labeling requirements for tires used on motor vehicles. The incumbent works with other safety standards engineers in motor vehicle safety standards preparation and standards implementation and maintenance.
  • Manage, monitor and review the activities and results of research, development, and analyses conducted by expert individuals or organizations, both within and outside NHTSA. Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of the state-of-the-art in such areas as motor vehicle tire design and performance to ensure safe use on roadways, and evaluate the applicability of such knowledge to NHTSAs activities.

Travel Required

  • Not Required

Relocation Authorized

  • No