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The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has been serving the economic interests of America for more than 200 years. We are responsible for granting US intellectual property rights for patents and trademarks. Our efforts have provided inventors exclusive rights over their discoveries. It's an effort that continues to contribute to a strong global economy, to encourage investment in innovation and to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit for the 21st century. The USPTO is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, and has over 12,000 employees, including engineers, scientists, attorneys, analysts, IT specialists, etc. all dedicated to accomplishing the USPTOs mission, vision, strategic goals and guiding principles. For more information about the USPTO, please visit the USPTO Careers Website.

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is the principal advisor to the Under Secretary and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on the application of Information Technology (IT) to support and improve the Agencys business processes. The Program Administration Office (PAO) is responsible for the management of the overall USPTO Information Technology program, providing service & support for OCIO customers. The Office is also responsible for ensuring that appropriate budgetary, contractual, and human capital resources are available to support the planned OCIO investments. The Vendor Management Division (VMD) manages acquisitions and contracts for new IT hardware and software products and for services needed to develop, modify, maintain, and enhance the automated information systems and infrastructure in use by the agency. The purpose of this position is to serve as a COTR for moderately complex acquisitions and contracts for IT hardware; system development and integration; integration and customization of COTS components of automated information systems; and/or services to support maintenance on existing automated information systems.


The incumbent for this position:

Serves as an acquisitions consultant and point of contact for OCIO managers and technical staff on contracting and acquisitions policies, directives, and procedures. Evaluates and advises management and program offices on acquisitions and contract administration methods and procedures.

Provides overall strategic planning support for moderately complex IT acquisitions.

Provides recommendations to senior OCIO leadership on short-term and long-range acquisition program activities, including proposed solutions that reduce total cost while meeting customer requirements.

Provides data for burn-rate analyses for contracts assigned.

Analyzes and evaluates on a quantitative/qualitative basis the effectiveness of acquisitions operations in meeting established goals and objectives.

Provides acquisitions information to support analysis and evaluation of new or modified program/management policies, goals, or objectives.

Serves as liaison with the Office of Procurement, Office of Budget, and the Office of Finance on contractual and financial matters.

Performs the following delegated responsibilities as COTR:

Maintains an arms-length relationship with the contractor in the interest of procurement integrity as well as sound contract management.

Keeps the CO fully informed of any technical or contractual difficulties encountered during performance. Advises the CO of any potential problem areas under the contract.

Assures the CO that the Contractor is performing the technical requirements of the contract in accordance with the contract terms, conditions, and specifications. Informs the Contractor of failures to comply with the technical requirements of this contract, and informs the CO of any failures to do so, particularly if the Contractor does not make corrections.

Coordinates site entry for Contractor personnel, if applicable, complying with requirements of the COTRs role as anHSPD-12 Sponsor.

Ensures that Government furnished property, if any, is available when required, and reports any accountable property to the appropriate property personnel. Ensures that all required items, documentation, data, and/or reports are submitted as required by the contract.

At the request of the CO, evaluates proposals for, and participates in negotiation of, changes, modifications and claims.

Reviews receivers and approves invoices for deliverables or level of effort performed to ensure receipt and acceptance of goods and services. The review includes, but is not limited to verification that expended cost and labor hours are consistent with negotiated amounts, progress is satisfactory in relation to contract's stated performance metrics, and expenditures are commensurate with forecasted rate of expenditure.

Processes all receivers in a timely manner, within the Momentum system, in accordance with the Prompt Payment Act.

Documents actions taken and decisions made as the COTR, and maintains a file with adequate records to sufficiently describe such actions and decisions made as during the life of the contract.

Performs final inspection and acceptance of all work required under the contract, including the review and approval of reports, and assists the CO with contract closeout activities as requested.

Evaluates contractor performance in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and submits reports on contractor performance.

Relocation Authorized

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