Job Overview



The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is looking for the best and brightest to join our team. Our mission includes advocating for investors who seek to secure a future for their family, providing guidance and regulations for the nation’s securities industry in an increasingly global market, and taking action with an eye toward promoting the capital formation necessary to sustain economic growth.

A career with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) offers work that is exciting, challenging and rewarding. You can contribute to securities regulation and enforcement while making a positive difference for the American investing public. The SEC provides:

  • Careers that broaden and deepen your already accomplished knowledge, skills and abilities;
  • An environment that allows you to work and learn with the nation’s experts;
  • Benefits, compensation and career expansion opportunities; and
  • A balance between your professional and family life.

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The SEC offers a number of enhanced pay and benefits plus the standard Federal benefits:

  • Paid dental and vision insurance;
  • Subsidy for health insurance, which supplements your health benefits premiums by $25 for self-only coverage and by $50 for family coverage;
  • Domestic Partner Health Insurance Reimbursement Program;
  • Mass transportation subsidy;
  • "WorkSmart" - Opportunities for flexible work schedules and expanded telework

The Division of Trading and Markets (TM) is seeking to fill the position of Financial Economist.  This position is located in Washington, DC.


Typical Duties Include:

  • Assisting the Office of Market Supervision (OMS), Division of Trading and Markets of the Commission in matters of all kinds related to market supervision and oversight, specifically with respect to the equity, debt, options, and other derivatives markets. 
  • Providing expert assistance and advice to the Director, Deputy Director, and Associate Directors related to matters within the area for which OMS is responsible, such as supervision of self-regulatory organizations (SROs) that are national securities exchanges or registered securities associations; oversight of alternative trading systems; oversight of security based swap execution facilities, and review and analysis of new trading systems, strategies and products.
  • Providing expert knowledge in all areas related to the trading of listed and OTC derivatives, including listed options, over-the-counter (OTC) options, and security-based swaps; listed and OTC equity securities; and debt instruments, including Treasury and corporate bonds, municipal bonds, and asset backed securities (municipal backed securities (MBSs), collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), as well as debt related derivatives such as credit default swaps and interest rate swaps.
  • Preparing reports, analyzing securities markets trends, risks, and matters of concern.  Designing and conducting analytical studies regarding the securities markets of a type and depth requiring specialized expertise with respect to the operation of the securities markets.
  • Receiving requests for advice and assistance from Commission staff, other federal agencies, the securities industry, and the public.  Coordinating with other experts and specialized professionals from both government and private industry in the interpretation and application of tools and models and theoretical approaches. 

Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • Some travel may be required.

Relocation Authorized

  • No