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Job Title:Instructor of Economics

Department:Department of the Air Force

Agency:U.S. Air Force - Agency Wide

Job Announcement Number:14-34DFEG

This position is closed and no longer accepting online applications through USAJOBS.

The contents of the announcement can still be viewed.


$59,741.00 to $59,741.00 / Per Year


Monday, July 21, 2014 to Monday, July 28, 2014




Full Time - Temporary NTE 28 May 2015




1 vacancy in the following location:
Air Force Academy, CO View Map


United States Citizens


Q - Nonsensitive




The mission of the United States Air Force is to fly, fight and win…in air, space and cyberspace.

The salary shown is the minimum amount to be paid and may be set higher commensurate with individual’s qualifications and experience.

The United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) Dean of Faculty, Department of Economics, anticipates filling a temporary (full time) Instructor of Economics position, beginning on 11 August 2014 and terminating on 28 May 2015.  This position is in the excepted civil service.

The United States Air Force Academy (USAFA), located just north of Colorado Springs, Colorado, is an undergraduate institution that awards the Bachelor of Science degree as part of its mission to educate, train, and inspire men and women to become officers of character, motivated to lead in the United States Air Force and in service to our nation.  Faculty applications are invited from candidates who can contribute to this mission by interacting with cadets, both in and out of the classroom, as instructors and mentors.  The student body consists of approximately 4,000 men and women representing every state and several foreign countries.  The Academy faculty is an integrated group of military and civilian educators.  The curriculum includes core academic and professional courses, and 31 disciplinary and interdisciplinary majors.  The United States Air Force Academy values the benefits of diversity among the faculty to include a variety of educational backgrounds and professional and life experiences.


WHO MAY APPLY: Applications will be accepted from United States citizens (U.S. citizenship required at time of application).


  • Not Required


  • No


  • U.S. Citizenship Required
  • Successful completion of a background investigation
  • You will be required to serve a probationary period of 1 year
  • Must be reigstered for Selective Serivce, see Legal & Regulatory Guidance
  • A Master's degree in economics is required.


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Candidates will be expected to teach Economics 450, International Economics, an upper-division course in international trade and finance required of all economics majors,  or Economics 201, Introduction to Economics, the core economics course that all cadets take.  Ability and experience teaching advanced economics courses is preferred.  Candidates must also be able  to substitute teach other economics courses as needed and provide office hours and extra instruction for these courses.  Candidate will be responsible for lesson planning and preparation, course instruction, grading, class exercises, exams, and course assessment.  


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Applicants will be assessed based on education and experience in international economics and evidence of teaching experience and effectiveness. Applicants should submit the following items: curriculum vitae, copies of all undergraduate and graduate transcripts (a federal government requirement), evidence of teaching experience and effectiveness, and names and contact information for at least three references.  A Master’s degree in economics is required.  ABD or Ph.D. with advanced coursework in macroeconomics and international trade and finance is preferred.  Essential qualities expected of every faculty member include the personal attributes of integrity, industry, cooperation, initiative, and breadth of intellectual interests.


You MUST provide "OFFICIAL" copies of your Bachelors and Masters degree transcripts to include programs not completed, to support your educational claim.  Education must be accredited by an accrediting institution recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.  Photocopies of "OFFICIAL" transcripts are acceptable for the application process.  However, if selected, you will be required to provide (original) copies of your "OFFICIAL" transcripts.  For a transcript to be considered "official", it should be printed on university letterhead and the registrar's official seal/signature must appear on the transcript. 



Education completed in foreign colleges or universities may be used to meet the educational requirements. However, you must show proof that the education credentials have been deemed to be at least equivalent to that gained in a conventional U.S. education program.  It is your responsibility to provide such evidence when applying in the form of an "official" statement of U.S. equivalency from a Department of Education (DOE) approved (non-federal) agency (i.e. AICE, NACES), who will complete a U.S. Standard of Education Conversion.


The selected candidate will be subject to a security investigation leading to successful completion of a background investigation with a favorable adjudication.  The selectee's failure to meet this requirement will be grounds for termination. 



Applicants possessing the required qualifications as contained within this announcement will be evaluated and ranked by a Faculty-Rating Panel based on the extent to which their experience and education relate to the requirements of the position.  A personal interview and presentation to the faculty may be required of the top applicants. 

Your application package (curriculum vitae, supporting documents) will be used to determine your eligibility, qualifications, and quality ranking for this position. Please follow all instructions carefully. An incomplete package will result in non-consideration of your application.


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The Department of Defense offers an excellent benefits program.  In addition to your take-home pay, click here for an overview of benefits currently offered to Federal employees.


Direct Deposit: All federal employees are required to have direct deposit.


This job is being filled by an alternative hiring process and is not in the competitive civil service.

As a condition of employment, male applicants born after December 31, 1959 must be registered or exempt from Selective Service.  For additional information click here.

All federal employees are required by PL 104-134 to have federal payments made by Direct Deposit.

This is NOT a designated drug testing position.

Employed Annuitants (Reemployed Annuitants): Applicants in receipt of an annuity based on civilian employment in the Federal Service are subject to the DoD Policy on The Employment of Annuitants.   Click here for more information.

Incentives: Recruitment and/or retention incentives are not offered.


Current Federal Civilian employees may apply for temporary and term positions and if selected, a break in service of at least three (3) calendar days may be required prior to appointment to the position.


Temporary and Term Appointments:  If you are selected for a temporary or term position, your appointment may be extended to the maximum period allowed by law without further competition.

The U.S. Air Force Academy is an Equal Opportunity Employer and provides reasonable accommodation to qualified applicants with disabilities.  The Air Force believes that diversity is essential to accomplishing its mission.  The Air Force Academy highly values individuals who have a demonstrated ability to work successfully with and help develop individuals of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.  For the Air Force, diversity encompasses: personal life experiences, geographic background, socioeconomic background, cultural knowledge, educational background, work background, language abilities, physical abilities, philosophical/spiritual perspectives, age, race, ethnicity, and gender.

FAXed, emailed or incomplete applications WILL NOT be accepted or considered--no exceptions.

Application materials become the property of the USAF Academy and WILL NOT be returned.

Applications submitted under this announcement will be considered ONLY for this vacancy.

Travel and relocation expenses WILL NOT be offered.


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You must submit your application so that it will be received by the closing date of the announcement, Monday, July 28, 2014


Faxed, emailed or incomplete applications WILL NOT be considered or accepted--no exceptions.

Send only those materials needed to evaluate your application.

Applications mailed using "official" government postage or through an internal federal government mail system WILL NOT be considered.

Please DO NOT use staples or place your application in a notebook, binder or similar type document protector.

Send a letter of application (cover letter), curriculum vitae, legible copies of “OFFICIALBachelors and Master degree transcripts to include programs not completed, and list of three references (to include names, complete mailing addresses, and telephone numbers) familiar with your professional work to:  10 FSS/FSMC, (ATTN: Faculty Staffing Team, #14-34DFEG , 5136 Eagle Drive, U.S. Air Force Academy, CO 80840-2603.  IMPORTANT:  A statement indicating your country of citizenship (i.e. "I am a citizen of _______.") is required to be included on your cover letter or curriculum vitae.   APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY  Monday, July 28, 2014


Although we do not require your curriculum vitae to be in a specific format, certain information is required in order to determine if you are qualified.


Your curriculum vitae must include detailed information in the following areas, as appropriate:


1. Teaching Accomplishments: Include teaching experience and teaching awards.


2. Professional Accomplishments: Include research, consultations, publications, and awards.


3. Service Accomplishments: Include membership, leadership roles, nature of service and contribution in collegial and/or professional organizations, societies, etc.


4. References: Provide the names, complete mailing addresses, and telephone numbers of three individuals familiar with your professional work.


If you are claiming veterans' preference or eligibility for VRA or VEOA appointment, provide basic eligibility information in your cover letter in order that eligibility can be determined.  Also include in your application a copy of your DD-214 (member copy 4) and, if disabled, a completed SF-15 (Application for 10-Point Veterans' Preference), along with a letter for federal employment from the Department of Veterans Affairs indicating percentage of disability.


IF APPLICABLE: An active duty military member's statement of service/certification letter will be accepted in lieu of a DD-214. The statement/certification letter can be obtained from your servicing military personnel office and must be signed by, or by direction of, the adjutant, personnel officer, or commander of your unit or higher headquarters and must indicate your rank, dates of active duty service, the type of discharge/character of service (i.e. honorable). Your preference and/or appointment eligibility will be verified prior to appointment. Military members may be appointed before the effective date of their military retirement/separation if member is on terminal leave.



The following documents are required and must be provided by the closing date of the announcement.   

·         Letter of Application (Cover Letter)

·         Curriculum Vitae (Resume)

·        Copies of "OFFICIAL" Bachelors and Master degree transcripts to include programs not completed.
Note: Photocopies of "OFFICIAL" transcripts are acceptable for the application process. However, if selected, you will be required to provide (original) copies of your "OFFICIAL" transcripts. For a transcript to be considered "official" it should be printed on university letterhead and the registrar's official seal/signature must appear on the transcript.

·         List of Three References (to include name, complete mailing address and phone number)

·         Veterans’ Preference Documents (i.e. DD214 or Proof of Service letter (if active duty military), SF15, VA “Disabled Veteran Civil Service Preference” letter, if applicable)

·         Statement of U.S. Citizenship   



Faculty Staffing Team
Phone: (719)333-4363
Agency Information:
US Air Force Academy
10 FSS/FSMC ATTN Insert Announcement #
5136 Eagle Drive


Upon vacancy closeout, all applicants will be notified via e-mail acknowledging receipt of their application package and advised of the anticipated selection date.


Upon candidate selection, all applicants will be notified via e-mail of their selection/non-selection status.

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