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FRA is committed to fostering a diverse, highly skilled workforce capable of meeting or exceeding our strategic goals with efficiency, innovation, and a constant focus on better serving our customers.

Success in the development of a high-speed intercity passenger rail system has been a driving force behind the expansion of FRAs mission, policies and workforce. Through this effort, FRA is providing leadership for the creation of a more balanced transportation system, transforming the way Americans travel.

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has major responsibility to implement this vision through passenger and freight rail programs. FRA has critical hiring needs to meet these growing mission requirements and to prepare our partners and stakeholders. Join our growing team and help FRA develop, improve, and deploy high-performance passenger rail and freight service to transform and revitalize our nation's rail system.

This position is located in the Office of the Associate Administrator for Railroad Development, Office of Policy and Planning Analysis, Washington, DC. You will be responsible for serving as the Chief of the National Rail Policy Division and responsible for directing the development of national rail planning, including policy and legislative proposals, budget formulation, sustainability initiatives, and strategic communication to diverse stakeholders.

The ideal candidate for this position is a senior level career professional who is experienced in applying transportation planning principles and practices to complex, multi-state and national transportation programs and has extensive budget formulation experience with rail transportation programs, as well as experience developing and analyzing legislative proposals.

This position is eligible for Ad Hoc telework.

Ad hoc Telework: An employee teleworks on an intermittent basis-- no set schedule of regularly.


As a Supervisory Community Planner, you will be required to:

  • Serve as the principal advisor to FRA officials on all aspects of national rail planning.Coordinate and manage national rail policy as it applies to project and program development as well as legislative proposals and strategic planning.
  • Lead FRAs development and delivery of national rail planning activities, including development of guidance for integrated national, regional, state and local planning efforts, and a holistic approach to passenger and freight planning.
  • Coordinate across FRA to ensure integrated, consistent approach to analyzing and recommending national rail policies and legislative proposals, including reauthorization proposals, policy input to the Presidents annual budget submission to Congress, and other Departmental policy proposals.
  • Plan and assign work to be accomplished, gives advice and counsel to employees, interviews and selects candidates for Staff positions, makes promotions and reassignments, hears and resolves complaints from employees, effects minor disciplinary actions, identifies developmental and training needs for positions, and finds ways to improve production or increase quality of work.

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Relocation Authorized

  • No

Who May Apply

This job is open to…

  • Current or former federal employees with status OR
  • Veterans eligible under VEOA
If you are NOT a status employee or VEOA eligible, you may wish to apply under announcement FRA.RPD-2014-0034, which is open to all U.S. Citizens.

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