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Colorado National Guard Dual Status

Technician Announcement

Colorado National Guard Dual Status Technician Announcement Technicians are employed under the authority of Title 32 USC, Section 709, which states, in part, that technicians are to be employed in "the administration and training of the National Guard," and "the maintenance and repair of supplies issued to the National Guard."

The following documents are required to be part of your application to be considered for this position


REQUIRED: HRO Application Checklist:

REQUIRED: A current Resume and/or OF 612

REQUIRED: Specialized Experience documented in resume with mm/yy - mm/yy format (see instructions below)

REQUIRED: Your DD214 (if available) or Service School Certificate awarding your MOS/AFSC (see AFSC/MOS listed)


Current Enlisted members of the Colorado Army/Air National Guard (COARNG/COANG) and those eligible to transfer into the COARNG/COANG via the Reserves, Active Duty, IRR, re-enlistment, or military transfer. 


Technician Note:  This position has a NGB compatible AFSC/MOS assigned to it; all Dual-Status technicians are required to maintain AFSC compatibility. The compatible AFSC for this position is 3E8X1.  Failure to maintain AFSC compatibility can result in termination.





This position is located in the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Flight of the Civil Engineering Squadron Mission Support Group of an Air National Guard aviation wing.  The EOD Flight is a highly specialized organization comprised of uniquely qualified individuals The EOD position provide force protection to Department of Defense (DoD) Installations and state and local governments on a 24-hour basis.  The position provides the capability of detection, identification, evaluation, rendering safe, recovery, and disposal of explosive items that are hazardous to operations, facilities, or personnel.


Major Duties:

Remains technically qualified through constant training and is authorized to undertake and perform or assist in procedures to ensure the rendering safe and disposal of high explosive ordnance and special weapons, including but not limited to both U.S. and foreign guided missiles, mines, projectiles, rockets, bombs, miscellaneous munitions items, booby traps, improvised criminal and terrorist devices, as well as chemical, biological and nuclear bombs/warheads/devices. Utilizes and continually reviews current methods and techniques and determines new and innovative procedures employed in the detection, identification, safest method of handling, rendering safe, and/or destruction of domestic or foreign explosive hazards as described above, that threaten personnel, operations, installations, or material.  Organizes and conducts area reconnaissance for detection and identification of unexploded ordnance (UXO). Operates and interprets radiological detection and other specialized instruments while monitoring areas adjacent to UXO's or criminal/terrorist devices suspected of containing toxic or radioactive contamination.  Provides guidance to and coordinates with key staff members of the Disaster Control Group (DCG) and the Survival Recovery Center (SRC) in the development of emergency planning procedures and policies.  Routinely assists and provides technical advice, procedures, and/or training for state and local civil authorities through classroom instruction and development of Memorandum’s of Understanding (MOU’s) when requested and approved by the state TAG.   Assists EOD Flight Chief in preparation of budget estimates and financial needs to include facilities, equipment, contingency requirements, personal retention gear, and operating & maintenance needs for the EOD unit. Assists the Flight Chief in planning and establishing local procedures to include protection of high risk munitions during off-base movements; protection, reproduction, and destruction of classified documents and components up to and including Secret/Critical Nuclear Weapon Design Information (CNWDI), Restricted Data; and EOD response procedures for assistance to civil authorities.

Maintains and orders tools, equipment, supplies, explosives, and technical data for base support and contingency planning.  Maintains and is required to be proficient in the operation and calibration of specialized tools and equipment to include; global positioning system (GPS’s), rocket wrench, explosively actuated disarming equipment, fiber scopes, various types of specialized mine detecting equipment, EOD unique communications devices and data processing equipment, specialized personal safety equipment and gear such as BBS-3 bomb suit, Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), chemical protection gear, and Night Vision Goggles (NVGs). Performs duties as a specialized member of Disaster Preparedness teams or independently in detecting, monitoring, evaluating, plotting, reporting and decontaminating radioactive, chemical and biological hazards. Organizes, coordinates, and directs surveying, site planning, resource management, and range clearance operations. Mentors and trains assigned EOD Specialists in the safest, most reliable means of neutralizing and disposing of hazardous explosives under extreme conditions.  Provides technical guidance and training to base populace in UXO search, marking, identification, and reporting procedures. 

Supervisory Status


Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • TDY

Relocation Authorized

  • No

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**CO National Guard Membership is required**

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