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The National Science Foundation (NSF) is seeking qualified candidates for an Interdisciplinary Science Advisor position in the Integrative Activities Program, within the Division of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure (ACI), Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE), Arlington, VA.

The ACI Division supports and coordinates the development, acquisition, and provision of state-of-the-art cyberinfrastructure resources, tools, and services essential to the advancement and transformation of science and engineering. ACI also supports forward-looking research and education to expand the future capabilities of cyberinfrastructure. By fostering a vibrant ecosystem of technologies and a skilled workforce of developers, researchers, staff, and users, ACI serves the growing community of scientists and engineers, across all disciplines, whose work relies on the power of advanced computation, data-handling, and networking.

In pursuit of this mission, ACI supports a wide range of cyberinfrastructure technologies within a collaborative ecosystem, including: advanced computing environments; innovative and sustainable data-intensive cyberinfratructure; robust community software suites, tools, libraries and programming environments at the frontiers of computational science for discovery; and secure digital research networks of various reach and granularity. ACI also supports comprehensive education and workforce development programs, scholarly exchanges, and virtual organizations to enable the productive use, sustainable maintenance, and effective governance of the infrastructure it supports. In these efforts, ACI collaborates with all NSF Offices and Directorates to develop models, prototypes, and common approaches to cyberinfrastructure that open new frontiers for discovery, furthering the mission of the National Science Foundation and national science and engineering priorities.

ACIs divisional activities are managed by staff highly qualified in the appropriate domains (Software, Data, High Performance Computing, etc.). There is a clear need in todays research environment for a cohesive cyberinfrastructure that promotes scientific advances through collaborative efforts across these domains as well as other cyberinfrastructure-rich environments such as scientific facilities and instruments.

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ACI is seeking a Science Advisor to foster increased cohesion and alignment of activities across the Division as well as to promote collaborative cyberinfrastructure activities with facilities and instruments. The incumbent will also proactively engage with the other Divisions in CISE, with the other Directorates in NSF, and with other federal agencies and international entities.

As a Science Advisor for Integrative Activities in ACI, the selected candidate will be responsible for:

  • Working with ACI leadership and staff to identify strategic opportunities for additional cohesion and alignment of ACI programs and communities;
  • Working with ACI leadership and staff to foster expanded strategic alignment of ACIs activities with other NSF cyberinfrastructure activities;
  • Communicating effectively with the PI community about current and future funding opportunities;
  • Advising and assisting the Division Director and Deputy Division Director in the development of long-range plans that ensure the Divisions investments are sustainable, innovative and targeted to cutting-edge challenges and opportunities in all NSF research and education fields;
  • Preparing well-written materials that are consistent with strategic goals of NSF and the Division and that inform the Divisions stakeholders, including the Administration, Congress, the national science and engineering community, and the public of the intent, impact, and promise of program investments.
  • Providing administrative direction through broadly defined goals. The Division Director and Deputy Division Director are kept informed of significant achievements, developments and trends in the field. Supervision is nominal. Work results are considered technically authoritative. Work is reviewed in terms of fulfillment of broad program objectives and adherence to NSF policies and goals.

Travel Required

  • Not Required

Relocation Authorized

  • Yes
  • Relocation MAY be paid contingent on the availability of funds.