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This position is for a Policy Analyst in the Front Office of Division and Administrative Services (DAS), Office of Information and Resource Management (OIRM), National Science Foundation. The Policy Analyst is responsible for the continual development, oversight, review, and evaluation of the Division's administrative services, processes, and procedures.

The Policy Analyst provides authoritative technical advice and assistance for policy issues that affect operations and personnel across the Foundation. The policy and procedures for which the incumbent has responsibility are subject to ongoing revision and review as a result of new initiatives and modernization within NSF; the Policy Analyst must accommodate these changes through policy development and execution and must meet special technical demands involving the most problematic and significant challenges for Government managers.

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The Policy Analyst develops and analyzes issues that are pertinent to policies that outline protocols for administrative support to operations across NSF. Performs in-depth analysis of a wide variety of factors related to issues that affect administrative policies and procedures. Ensures that policy options are thoroughly defined and presented by critically examining various aspects of issues and topics.

Manages and coordinates policy for a wide variety of branches including facilities, business operations, information technology services, and customer service and communication. These functions impact the entire Foundation as well as its various external constituencies.

Other activities include:

  • Coordinates with NSF staff, management and representatives of other Government agencies in conjunction with the Foundation's mission in the services provided by the branch.
  • Directs the preparation of internal policies and Foundation directives in response to legislation. The incumbent makes major adaptations to existing policies or recommends new policies where Foundation guidelines are lacking or inappropriate for the functional areas assigned.
  • Serves as the DAS representative to various ad hoc and other informal or formal meetings with directorate-level elements of the Foundation. As the DAS representative, attends Government-wide conferences and meetings related to branch activities.
  • Provides advice to top-level management on program and policy issues in all areas wider than the incumbent’s jurisdiction. Develops long-range objectives and plans in these areas and presents briefings and recommendations concerning these objectives and plans to top-level Foundation management officials (e.g., the Director, Assistant Directors, and staff Office Directors).
  • Deals with top-level NSF management officials on such matters as recommending new initiatives and curtailment of current projects and programs, program planning and evaluation, resource allocations (staffing and budgeting), providing technical advice, negotiating, presenting and defending ideas, justifying major expenditures, making policy decisions, resolving major problems, recommending major personnel and organizational changes.
  • Maintains liaison with various NSF directorates and offices and interacts with senior management across NSF to maintain an awareness of relevant issues and policies that are under the purview of DAS and affect operations across NSF.
  • Provides authoritative interpretation of laws, regulations, policies, and procedures that govern programs in DAS and develops broad policies that affect operations across NSF. Develops programs, polices, and plans and procedures or the implementation of programs for which DAS has responsibility in support of operations across NSF. Assesses past and current operating procedures to determine the most appropriate courses of action for effective relationships and exercises authority to negotiate for and represent DAS in matters and activities that are related to the division’s services from a policy perspective.
  • Conducts various analytical studies of current developments and trends in best practices for providing centralized administrative services to an agency. Prepares documents with sufficiently detailed and technically accurate content to support analysis and/or recommendations on policies. Recommends new and/or improved management policies and practices within DAS that the incumbent perceives will enable OIRM to fulfill more responsibly and expeditiously its mission to support operations across NSF.

Relocation Authorized

  • No