Job Overview


The Bureau of Indian Affairs is the lead agency for the United States in carrying on a government-to-government relationship with the tribal nations. A challenging and dynamic place to work, it enhances the quality of life, promotes economic opportunity, and carries out the responsibility to protect and improve the trust assets of American Indian, Indian tribes and Alaska Natives.

Vacancy ID: 1079232

Posn.# 4000001, Office of the Regional Director
Office of the Deputy Regional Director - Trust Services, Navajo Region
Gallup, New Mexico


GS-14: $97,657 - $126,949 Per Annum
GS-15: $114,872 - $149,333 Per Annum


  • This is a supervisory position.
  • If this position is filled at a lower grade level, subsequent promotion to the next grade level will be processed without further competition under the Merit Promotion Program at such time as performance and qualification requirements are met and classification review discloses the duties being performed properly warrant classification to the next higher grade level.
  • Government housing is not available

INDIAN PREFERENCE: Preference in filling vacancies is given to qualified Indian candidates in accordance with the Indian Preference Act of 1934 (Title 25, USC, Section 472). Verification of Form BIA-4432 must be submitted with the application if claiming Indian Preference. Indian Preference eligibles that are not currently employed with the Federal service will be appointed under the Excepted Service Appointment Authority Schedule A, 213.3112(A)(7). Consideration will be given to non-Indian applicants (Status or Reinstatement eligibles) in the absence of a qualified Indian Preference eligible. Applicants not entitled to Indian Preference must a Federal civilian employee with competitive status or former Federal civilian employees with reinstatement eligibility and must submit latest Notification of Personnel Action, SF-50B, as proof.


  • Responsible for the day-to-day operation and administration of Bureau Trust Services Programs.
  • Responsible for representing the Bureau in its interaction with tribal, State, and local governments, other Federal agencies, and the public within their jurisdiction, oversight responsibility in the application and implementation of overall policies and programs by agency and field offices, providing technical advice and review, evaluating performance, and coordinating those features of Bureau programs which extend beyond the jurisdiction of a single agency or field office and recommending to the Regional Director revisions of policies, programs, procedures and regulations.
  • Designated official for upholding and discharging the trust responsibility of the Secretary of the Interior through public laws and regulatory requirements concerning individually owned native allotments and natural resources
  • Serves as a liaison with the Regional Trust Administrator to coordinate trust asset management activities within the region and in conjunction with the Trust Administrator.
  • Provides guidance to field staff in the examination, verification, and maintenance of accounts and accounting data for accounts, ensuring general trust funds and judgment funds are received, recorded, disbursed and/or maintained timely and accurately and providing leadership and oversight to ensure timely, courteous, and accurate response to account holders.
  • Maintains close working relationship with the Navajo tribal council and organizations to learn their opinions and understand their attitudes on Navajo reservation matters of importance to them.
  • Meets with the Regional Director and agency staff, Trust Services Branch Chiefs, field staff, tribal groups or interested parties to plan and coordinate P.L. 93-638 efforts and to provide technical assistance in regards to the trust responsibility.
  • Responsible for the review and appraisal of the various programs and activities within Trust Services that make up the total comprehensive trust program within the Region's jurisdiction.
  • Responsible for staff activities related to the assignment of work in areas of special projects and studies, and priorities within programs. Advises Branch Chiefs within Trust Services of requirements, Departmental Directives, special interest items, potential problems and changes in policies.
  • The Deputy Regional Director will provide direction and leadership to the following organizations within Trust Services as established within the jurisdiction of the Region:
    • The Division of Natural Resources can consist of Water Resources, Safety of Dams, Environmental, Agriculture (Farm, Pasture & Range), Fire Management and Transportation Resources staff who will be responsible for programs and activities at the local level for the monitoring, conservation and protection of trust natural resources and forest resources protection.
    • The Division of Real Estate Services can consist of Land Acquisition and Disposal, Probate, and Rights-of-Way and Lease/Permit staff who will be responsible for program activities at the local level of trust and restricted federal Indian owned lands. The Division will be responsible for the maintenance of title documents, document certification, title research and examination

Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • Travel to relatively remote areas when visiting reservation.

Relocation Authorized

  • Yes
  • Travel and Relocation Expenses will be authorized in accordance with the Federal Travel Regulations.