Job Overview


Are you interested in a rewarding and challenging career? Join the U.S. Department of Justice!!

The Civil Division, with more than 1,000 attorneys and 14 litigating components, represents the United States, its departments and agencies, Members of Congress, Cabinet officers and other Federal employees.

The International Trade Field Office (ITFO) represents the United States, its departments and agencies, and federal officials in both affirmative and defensive litigation in the United States Court of International Trade.  ITFO also handles appeals of the Court of International Trade decisions in the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.  Matters within ITFO's area of responsibility include, among others:  importer challenges to U.S. Customs and Border Protection decisions concerning the classification and valuation of imported merchandise, and other questions arising under the tariff laws; Constitutional challenges to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule, including Equal Protection violations involving gender and age discrimination; lawsuits relating to the interpretation and application of trade-related presidential proclamations, executive orders, international treaties and free trade agreements; disputes over the government's refusal to grant or the revocation of various licenses under the customs laws; and actions for the collection of duties and penalties under the customs laws.  The majority of these cases are reviewed de novo, although some may be reviewed on an administrative record. 


The ITFO seeks experienced attorneys to represent the United States in all aspects of "first chair" trial and appellate litigation.  At the trial stage, attorneys personally manage their own cases, conduct fact investigation, work with expert witnesses, serve and respond to written discovery, take and defend depositions, write all substantive and procedural briefs, conduct all aspects of any trial, and present oral argument in the United States Court of International Trade.  Attorneys also personally handle all aspects of appeals in the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.  In addition, attorneys engage in settlement negotiations, and recommend settlements of litigation when appropriate.  In handling cases, attorneys work closely with counsel from Federal client agencies. 

The ITFO offers an energetic, collegial work environment that requires attorneys to exercise sound judgment at all times.  Attorneys must have excellent time-management skills and be willing to assume substantial responsibility.  Because ITFO attorneys appear in a court with nationwide jurisdiction, frequent travel is required. 

Travel Required

  • 25% or Greater
  • These positions require frequent travel.

Relocation Authorized

  • No