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The NSF is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Science Policy Analyst within the National Science Board Office (NSBO), Arlington, VA.

The NSBO supports the work of the National Science Board (NSB). The NSB is responsible for pursuing the goals and function of the NSF, including the duty to 'recommend and encourage the pursuit of national policies for the promotion of research and education in science and engineering. The NSB has two important roles. First, it establishes the policies of NSF within the framework of applicable national policies set forth by the President and the Congress. In this capacity, the Board identifies issues that are critical to NSF's future, approves NSF's strategic budget directions and the annual budget submission to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and approves new major programs and awards. The second role of the Board is to serve as an independent body of advisors to both the President and Congress on national policy issues related to science and engineering research and education. In addition to major reports, the NSB also publishes occasional policy papers or statements on issues of importance to U.S. science and engineering.

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In providing support to the NSB, the Science and Engineering Policy Analyst works under the direct supervision of the NSBO, Policy Branch Chief with responsibilities including, but not limited to providing assistance and guidance to the Board in the identification of significant science policy issues, and developing and executing analytical approaches in the development of proposed resolutions to those issues. Independently managing complex research projects and analyses relevant to achieving national scientific education and research goals and objectives as determined by the Board. Researching and preparing position papers, background reports, policy briefs, testimony, speeches, editorials and written materials related to issues of interest to the Board. Directing and overseeing special projects as determined by the Board including identification, examination, and analysis of relevant data sources. Leading high level discussions as initiated by the Board regarding science, technology, and engineering policy. Representing the Board, as appropriate, on internal committees, interagency committees, at meetings of other Federal agencies, scientific and professional organizations, and academe. Analyzing, communicating and maintaining awareness of national science policy issues. Planning, organizing and coordinating the Board outreach efforts and related activities in a team setting. Contributing ideas and efforts to improve the quality of NSB's performance. Performing other duties as assigned.

Relocation Authorized

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