Job Overview


About the Agency

This is an Excepted Service, term, time-limited appointment for up to 5 years, with the possibility of renewals. 

This position is located in the U.S. Agency for International Development's (USAID) Africa Bureau, Office of Sustainable Development, Conflict, Peacebuilding, and Governance (AFR/SD/CPG) Division. 

In this position as the Program Analyst (Democracy, Rights, and Governance Specialist) the selectee will serve as an advisor, providing technical and intellectual leadership to the Agency on activities pertaining to democracy, human rights, and governance (DRG) as they relate to development and poverty reduction in Sub-Saharan Africa. 


Following are the major, though not all inclusive, duties of this position:

Technical Assistance: This involves conducting or overseeing research and advising on concepts and methodology for promoting programs/projects which will support democratically oriented governmental structures/procedures at all levels and government/civil society interactions.

Strategy Development: Assists with design of the Africa Bureau's, Office of Sustainable Development, Conflict, Peacebuilding, and Governance (AFR/SD/CPG)strategies and work plans including results, indicators, and activities. Provides assistance in organizing and aggregating input for an annual program performance review. Works with the AFR/SD/CPG staff to develop and refine performance monitoring plans for stated objectives.

Field Support: Travels to the field periodically (an estimated three times a year) to advise on mission strategies and programming; to disseminate information on AFR/SD/CPG plans, issues, lessons learned; to gather information to inform technical leadership or test guidance developed by AFR/SD/CPG for relevance to missions; for oversight of contract performance; or to plan, facilitate or participate in workshops or training. Contributes to reviews of scopes of work from missions for procurement mechanisms to determine appropriateness for the contracts/grants and state of knowledge in those technical fields. Describes procedures necessary for buy-ins. Promotes (as appropriate), participates in, and helps plan and implement team planning meetings, debriefings, and report sharing.

Information Dissemination: Aggregates, analyzes, and disseminates lessons to the field and broader development community. Identifies means of improving the flow of information between AFR/SD/CPG and relevant USAID field posts. Serves as liaison with the USAID-financed institutional contractors with respect to information dissemination. Ensures that information required by program management in the form of reports, etc., from various sources is obtained in a timely manner. Assumes responsibility for disseminating selected important pieces of information to the field from USAID Washington via dissemination meetings for USAID personnel and contractor/grantees.

Liaison: Liaises with USDA agencies (such as the Cooperative State Research, Extension and Educational Service and the Natural Resources Conservation Service) and reviews activities to identify and link successful models of community organization, improved transparency and communication and local participation to AFR/SD/CPG work and vice versa. Keeps informed of USDA policies and procedures relevant to PASA assistance to USAID. Informs USAID of issues and lessons arising from USDA developments. Coordinates activities and facilitates the flow of information to USAID missions and offices, and between USAID, USDA, contractors and the various other cooperating agencies and organizations. Identifies constraints to successful accomplishment of project objectives, and advises USAID project and contractor management of appropriate corrective actions. Provides analysis of unanticipated developments that relate to project strategy and objectives and recommends appropriate policy corrections as requested. 

International Conferences: Facilitates and designs with other colleagues' regional and national seminars, workshops, and conferences for USAID personnel and/or development partners. Contacts high level program officials and coordinates their participation, prepares handbooks and/or resource materials and coordinates evaluation of such events.

Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • This position will require occasional domestic/foreign travel (less than 10%).

Relocation Authorized

  • No