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About the Agency

The Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) is located in the Office of the Administrator (OA). OSBP provides advice and counsel on policy development, planning, coordination, and other matters as they relate to small and disadvantaged business programs. The Director reports directly to the Deputy Administrator. 

The Office of Small Business Programs supports the protection of human health and the environment by advocating and advancing the business, regulatory, and environmental compliance concerns of small and socio-economically disadvantaged businesses, and minority academic institutions. It establishes policies, guidance and assistance to small and disadvantaged businesses, including small businesses in rural areas, minority businesses, women–owned, and service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses and other socio-economically disadvantaged businesses and minority academic institutions. OSBP directs the activities of the Asbestos Small Business Ombudsman and the Procurement Opportunities Support Team.

The Office of Small Business Programs develops policies and procedures to aid these business entities with the assistance of the Office of Acquisition Management in the Office of Administration and Resources Managementandthe Grants, Contracts, and the General Law Division in the Office of General Counsel. It is responsible for the collection of data and monitoring the effectiveness of the program, and serves as the principal focal point between EPA and the Minority Business Development Agency in the U.S. Department of Commerce. 

The incumbent has knowledge of and experience with applying the Small Business Act, as amended by P.L. 95-507, under Sections 8 and 15. The incumbent must have excellent communications skills and the ability to work with other EPA offices, the EPA regions, stakeholder groups, and the general public on a range of topics of interest the Agency’s Small Business programs and goals. The incumbent must maintain a continuous awareness of the major national policies relating to the small and disadvantaged business programs of EPA and the policies and programs supported and advocated by the Congress and the Administration in order to provide sound and reliable interpretations, advice, and recommendations to the Administrator, Deputy Administrator, Chief of Staff, and the Deputy Chief of Staff.


1. Serves as personal advisor to the Administrator with responsibility for providing advice and counsel on policy development, planning, coordination, and other matters as they relate to the small and disadvantaged business programs of the Agency. Maintains a continuous awareness of the major national policies relating to the small and disadvantaged business programs of EPA and the polices and program supported and advocated by the Congress and the Administration in order to make recommendations to the Administrator concerning the development and implementation of major policies and programs of the Agency. Provide information to the Administrator through personal briefings.

2. Directs the development of policy and procedures implementing the functions and duties under Sections 8 and 15 of the Small Business Act as Amended by P.L. 95-507. Develops policies and procedures implementing the provisions of Executive Order 11625, "Prescribing Additional Arrangements for Developing and Coordinating a National Program for Minority Business Enterprise." Develops and implements a program in accordance with Executive Order 12138 to provide the maximum utilization of women-owned business enterprise in all aspects of EPA contract work and contracts funded under EPA grants and, plans and carries out Agency programs that comply with Executive Order 12432 dealing with Minority Business Development Programs. Furnishes information and assistance to components for the Agency's field offices responsible for carrying out related activities.

3. Directs the development, in collaboration with the Director, Procurement and Contracts Management Division, Office of Administration, and other appropriate EPA officials.

4. Recommends, advises and consults on the assignment of EPA Small and Disadvantaged Business Specialist to assist designated Procurement Center Representatives of the Small Business Administration in their duties relating to sections 8 and 15 of the Small Business Act, as amended. Such EPA Small and Disadvantaged Business Specialist shall be assigned outside OSDBU in other EPA headquarters and field components, and shall be under the functional authority of the incumbent when performing such responsibilities.

5. Establishes, in coordination with Agency's program offices and Procurement and Contracts Management Division, acquisition goals for each component of the Agency's OSDBU program.

6. Maintains liaison with SBA relative to the implementation and execution of the Agency Small and Disadvantaged Programs.

7. Directs the development and issuance of policy and guidance for small, disadvantage, minority and women's business enterprise participation in contracting and subcontracting opportunities in EPA funded financial assistance programs.

8. Develops overall program objectives to assure the participation of other selected emphasis groups, e.g., Historically Black colleges, Minority Bank Deposit Program, etc., in grants and cooperative agreements, issued by the Agency.

9. Represents the Administrator and EPA at hearings, interagency meetings, conferences and other appropriate forums on matters related to the advancement of the above cited business enterprises on EPA Federal Contracting Programs. Acts as EPA spokesman for, and provides liaison between EPA and other Federal, State, private section and citizen groups.

10. Serves as the Deputy Administrator’s alternate on the Interagency Council for Minority Business Enterprises. Provide such staff support as needed for such activities.

11. Directs and manages the programs, staff and resources assigned. Within delegated authority, exercises responsibility for developing plans, preparing the budget for submission within the Agency to OMB and Congress, establishing internal operating policies and procedures, allocating resources, assigning and evaluating work, and establishing objectives for the program.

12. Directs the activities of the Small Business Programs, including the EPA Small Business Ombudsman. In this capacity, the incumbent directs the Agency small business compliance promotion and assistance efforts.

13. Develops and conducts training programs, aimed at acquainting Agency personnel with the policies, procedures and mission of the above identified programs.

14. Assumes the lead role in the identification of small and disadvantaged business services by conducting outreach programs and seminars, establishing liaison with small and disadvantaged firms.

15. Develops the required analyses for and preparing reports (including annual report from the Administrator to the Administrator, SBA and to the Secretary of the Department of Commerce) on the extent of participation of small business, disadvantaged business, labor surplus area, and women-owned concerns in the Agency's grants and acquisition activities.

Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • This position involves occasional travel.

Relocation Authorized

  • Yes
  • In accordance with Federal and Agency travel regulations, the candidate selected for this position will be reimbursed for travel, transportation, and relocation expenses associated with reporting for duty to this position.