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This Position Is No Longer Available

Job Title:  Lead Business Management Specialist
Department:  General Services Administration
Agency:  Federal Acquisition Service
Job Announcement Number:  1400270TAMP

This position is closed and no longer accepting online applications through USAJOBS.

The contents of the announcement can still be viewed.
$97,657.00 to $126,949.00 / Per Year
Wednesday, June 18, 2014 to Tuesday, July 01, 2014
Full-time - Permanent
FEW vacancies - GSA - US Locations, United States
GSA employees employed in Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) who are serving on career or career-conditional appointment, or under a noncompetitive special appointing authority providing for a permanent position. Employees serving on Schedule B, C, or D or Term Appointments are generally not eligible to apply.
Public Trust - Background Investigation


About the Agency

These positions may be filled on a virtual basis at the employees' current duty station, including the DC metro area. The site for this position will be determined based upon the duty location of the selectee.

GSA has been repeatedly named by the Partnership for Public Service as one of the 'Best Places to Work in the Federal Government'.

As a Lead Business Management Specialist, you will be responsible for leading a team of specialists in implementing GSA charge card services, including GSA SmartPay products and services; leading team members in originating business development strategies; and improving customer service, and developing program operational guidelines and legislative initiatives.

This position is located in the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS or Q); Office of Travel, Motor Vehicle, and Card Services (QM); Office of Charge Card Management (QMB), Service Delivery Division (QMBB), 1800 F Street, NW, Washington DC.

GSA offers its employees a wide range of benefits including:
-Federal health insurance plans (choose from a wide range of plans
-Life insurance coverage with several options to choose from
-Leave policies to help you take care of your personal, recreational, and health care needs
-Thrift Savings Plan (similar to a 401(k) plan
-Flexible work schedules and telework
-Transit and child care subsidies
-Training and development

At this time, we are filling two vacancies.  However, additional vacancies may be filled from this announcement as needed.


  • Occasional Travel
  • Must be able to travel occasionally on official business.


  • No


  • Apply online (See How to Apply Section)
  • Meet time-in-grade requirements within 30 days of closing date.
  • U.S. Citizenship or National


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Your major duties and responsibilities are as follows:

- Leads the formulation of business development strategies that facilitate the growth of the GSA SmartPay program and enhance the FAS position as a leading source of state-of-the art, high quality products and services.

- Educates diverse audiences on the mechanics and benefits of the GSA SmartPay program.

- Initiates discussions with customer agencies and bank contractors to promote the GSA SmartPay program.

- Researches unique customer needs and matches these needs to GSA SmartPay products and services directing efforts to present the best possible solutions to targeted customers.

- Plans, researches, develops, coordinates, and evaluates policies, programs and processes for the GSA SmartPay program.

- Coordinates legislative matters pertaining to GSA charge card services, including GSA SmartPay products and services.

- Develops background information and analysis of proposed legislation and makes recommendations to the Director of the Office of Charge Card Management on the position GSA should take on these matters..

- Provides leadership to a team of Specialists who perform a variety of ad hoc and recurring project assignments.


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The GS-14 salary starts at $97,657.00 per year, if you meet the following qualifications. You must meet all qualification and eligibility requirements within 30 days of the closing date of this announcement.

To qualify, you must demonstrate at least one year specialized experience equivalent to the GS-13 level in the Federal service:

Specialized experience is experience performing strategic planning, financial oversight and/or implementation of programs related to market research, training techniques, customer service and business development concepts. Such experience must have included applying knowledge across all levels of client and customer interface for the purpose of developing new business markets; creating and maintaining new customer relationships; and developing, executing and monitoring strategic plans and business processes that align with program and agency goals and performance measures.

NOTE:  Qualifications are based on length and level of experience. Therefore, in addition to describing duties performed, applicants must provide the exact dates of each period of employment (from month/year to month/year) and the number of hours per week if part time. Qualification determinations cannot be made when resumes do not include the required information, so failure to provide this information may result in disqualification. For a brief video on How to Create a Federal Resume, click here

If selected, you must meet the following conditions:

- Serve a one year probationary period (unless you have previously satisfied this requirement)
- Complete an OGE Form 450, Confidential Financial Disclosure Report, and obtain approval that no conflict or an appearance of conflict exists between your financial interest and this position.
- Undergo a background investigation and receive favorable adjudication. This position has been designated as a Public Trust Position.


If you are found qualified for the position, your responses to the self-assessment vacancy questions will be used to assign a numerical score. If your responses to the vacancy questions are not supported by your resume then your score may be adjusted lower by the Human Resources Specialist. Scores are not augmented by Veteran's preference points for this type of announcement (Merit Promotion).

You will be evaluated on the vacancy related questions that were designed to assess your overall possession of the following competencies/knowledge, skills, and abilities:

1. Knowledge of state-of-the-art business practices both in government and industry to analyze business requirements, assess project feasibility, define current and future business environments, and evaluate investment portfolios.

2. Knowledge to develop metrics and establish benchmarks for advanced business development and projects.

3.  Skill in oral communication to make formal and informal presentations to higher level management and communicate persuasively with business leaders.

4.  Ability to effectively define and describe GSA SmartPay services and capabilities. 

5.  Knowledge of the GSA SmartPay program and other agency charge card policies and procedures.

6.  Knowledge to research, review, and analyze legislative issues and proposals and develop background information and legislative history, in order to support the management decision-making process.

7.  Knowledge of the legislative process in the United States Congress.

8.  Ability to lead a team of technical and professional staff in developing, coordinating, and implementing operations and technical activities and requirements.

A variety of assessments/assessment tools may be used to evaluate candidates for specific vacancies covered by this announcement. Candidates will be notified when further assessments are implemented and provided with instructions on how to access and complete the assessment(s). Be sure to APPLY EARLY as most assessments must be completed fully and submitted before the announcement closing.

If you are a GSA Career Transition Assistance eligible, you must be considered well qualified (minimum score of 85) to receive priority. CTAP
To preview questions please click here.


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  • This vacancy announcement does not preclude filling this position by other means.
  • Additional vacancies may be filled from this announcement as needed.  This vacancy announcement does not preclude filling this position by other means.  
  • Management also has the right not to fill the position.
  • Travel, transportation, and relocation expenses are not authorized for this position. Any travel, transportation, and relocation expenses associated with reporting for duty in this position will be the responsibility of the successful applicant.


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You must submit a complete online application including any required documents prior to 11:59 pm Eastern Time on the closing date of the Announcement. Errors or omissions may result in your not being considered for this vacancy. A description of the online process is provided below.  For more information on applying for a GSA vacancy, please visit Applying for a GSA Job.

-To begin, click Apply Online to create a USAJOBS account or log in to your existing account.  Follow the prompts to select your USAJOBS resume and/or other supporting documents.  Once you have completed this step, select "Apply for this Position Now!"

-Complete your personal information within GSAjobs.  Once you’ve been redirected to GSA’s automated system, follow the prompts to create, review, or update your personal information.  This information is used to determine your eligibility to apply for this position so be sure that it is up to date.

-Respond to all of the vacancy specific questions.

-Submit any required documents.  A "Vacancy Documents" page is automatically displayed by the GSAjobs system.   Review the Required Documents section of this announcement to determine which apply to you.  You may choose one of the following options to submit your document(s):  Upload; USAJOBS, or FAX.  We strongly recommend you read the "Fax Instructions" provided on the Document Manager page prior to printing the Fax Cover Sheet and faxing your information.

-Respond to any Additional Assessment Questions.  If you are presented with additional assessment questions, be sure to respond to them or you may not be considered.

-Click the "FINISH' button.  Finally, you'll receive an Application Review Page which allows you to review the information that will be submitted. You can save a copy of your application by selecting the 'Save PDF' button. Then, YOU MUST CLICK THE 'FINISH' BUTTON to complete and submit your application.

Note: If you cannot complete any part of the application process listed above, contact the Human Resources Office/representative listed on the announcement prior to the announcement deadline  (between 6:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. CT) for instructions on how to proceed. Be sure to receive prior HR approval to deviate from these instructions so that your application will be considered.  


Please review the following to determine which documents you must submit in order to complete your application.

CTAP Eligible: Submit proof of eligibility including agency notice; SF-50, Notification of Personnel Action (or similar agency form); and most recent performance rating.

Failure to provide the required documentation, by the closing date of this announcement, may result in your not being considered for the vacancy.
NOTE: If these documents don't apply to you, we do not expect them to be submitted!


Linda Brown
Phone: 816-823-4900
Fax: 000-000-0000
TDD: 800-735-2966
Agency Information:
GSA, Federal Acquisition Service
Talent Management Center (CPWE)
1500 E. Bannister Road, Room 1118B
Kansas City, MO
Fax: 000-000-0000


If your application is complete, we will review it to ensure you meet the basic qualification requirements. We will further evaluate each applicant who meets the basic qualifications on the knowledge, skills, abilities, and/or competencies required of the position. The most highly qualified candidates will be referred to the hiring manager for further consideration and possible interview. After making a tentative job offer, we will conduct a suitability and/or security background investigation. A final job offer for this position is typically made within 40 days after the deadline for applications.
Thank you for your interest in working for U.S. General Services Administration!

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