Job Overview


A career with the Forest Service will challenge you to manage and care for more than 193 million acres of our nation's most magnificent lands, conduct research through a network of forest and range experiment stations and the Forest Products Laboratory, and provide assistance to State and private forestry agencies.

It's an awesome responsibility - but the rewards are as limitless as the views.

This position is being concurrently announced under Merit Promotion Announcement Number 14-0508-20947G-GH . Current or former Federal employees may apply to both announcements, but should be sure to apply to the Merit Promotion Announcement in order to avoid losing consideration since different referral criteria apply to each type of announcement. Disabled veterans, candidates with 3 or more years of active duty military service, and candidates eligible for special hiring authorities may apply to the Merit Promotion Announcement if they meet the criteria outlined in the announcement and submit supporting documentation.

This is an interdisciplinary position and may be filled in any of the job series/position titles listed. In addition to the specialized experience requirements, applicants must submit proof that they meet the educational requirements for at least one of the series described in the announcement. Applicants may only be appointed to job series/position titles for which they meet all experience and educational requirements.

This position is located on the Mendocino National Forest, duty location Willows, CA. 

This position is established on a Forest Service unit as a program manager responsible for Recreation. In this capacity, the incumbent provides strategic guidance and leadership to the Recreation program activities, as well as associated program areas such as Wilderness and Trails Management. Responsibilities include formulation and recommendation of operating policies, practices, and procedures; programming and budgeting; and technology transfer..

For additional information about the duties of the position, please contact Shannon Pozas at and 530-934-1178.


Duties listed are at full performance level:

  • Analyzes and recommends to higher managers priorities and adjustmenets based on changing direction from the Region, rate of progress towards goals and objectives, resource capabilities, etc. which influence short-range programming. Evaluates program recommendations and modifications submitted for soundness, conformance and integration with other resource activities. Evaluates program accomplishment for quantity, quality and cost through regular on-the-ground inspections of District recreation management programs.
  • Discusses mutual problems and their solutions; explains new orimproved techniques and management as well as controversial features of contracts, policies,and administrative decisions; explains the objectives and policies of the agency in protection and management of resources; and solicits cooperative assistance from interested groups.
  • Provides expert technical support, and facilitates an interdisciplinary approach to the development of long-range resource management action plans and short-range operating programs for recreation management activities. Provides predictions on the accomplishment of established goals for recreation management activities. Inspects resource contracts, special use permits and other contracts and agreements for inclusion of pertinent recreation consideration. Determines special clauses.
  • Drafts policy, technical guides, standards, and methods for recreation related management. Prepares detailed environmental analysis reports.

Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • Occasional travel may be required.

Relocation Authorized

  • No