Job Overview


About the Agency

This is a Recent Graduates position in the Pathways Program. This program provides an entry-level developmental experience with the potential to lead to a career in the Federal Government after successfully completing one year under the Program, unless the training requirements of the position warrant a longer and more structured training program. Employment under the Recent Graduates Program may not exceed two years.

The EPA is seeking to hire a Fish Biologist with expertise or education in fish biology, restoration ecology, and/or related skills and knowledge to serve in the Water Division as a technical and program specialist concerning the protection and improvement of water quality and aquatic habitat, with a special emphasis on conserving and recovering populations of resident and migratory fishes within the San Francisco Bay Delta Estuary and other priority watersheds.  The “Recent Graduate would join a dynamic team to help formulate and implement cross-cutting strategies to make science-based decisions for water quality, habitat restoration, fisheries management and ecosystem restoration.

More information about the Recent Graduates Program can be found here: and

Your salary will be based on the grade level for which you are selected and the duty station of the position.

This position is located in Region 9, Water Division, Watersheds Office, San Francisco, CA.  
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You will spend 25-50% of your work time on contracts, grants/cooperative agreements, and/or interagency agreements.

At the entry level of this position, you will:
Provide sound guidance and scientific recommendations to peers and supervisors on the most effective and efficient ways to restore water quality and aquatic ecosystems for the benefits of fish, wildlife, and humans.
Prepare scientific work plans, reports, and articles to support the development and implementation of policies and regulations.
Participate in a broad spectrum of public and private scientific forums, and contribute to the advancement of science and environmental protection through technical writing and public presentations.
When entering a Federal job at a grade level lower than the highest promotion potential level, you may be promoted to more complex duties and work more independently, as your career progresses.

Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • You may be required to travel 1 to 5 days per month.

Relocation Authorized

  • No