Job Overview


About the Agency

This position is located in the Division of Risk Management Supervision, Complex Financial Institutions, CFI Oversight Branch, Institution Monitoring Section IV of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and provides support in the identification of supervisory, insurance, and resolution risks presented by the largest and most complex financial institutions with assets greater than $50 billion and that are involved in capital markets, credit and trading activities.


  • Performs complex financial analyses of the sources of risk in Complex Financial Institutions (CFls) such as  liquidity, market, and credit risks; of the rate and circumstances in which the financial condition of a CFI could deteriorate; and of the accuracy of remediation triggers relative to recovery and resolution plan activation.
  • Engages with senior management of the CFIs and the primary regulators on a regular basis in order to identify and analyze key risks and risk management practices and makes recommendations regarding recovery and resolution planning.
  • Analyzes, summarizes and reports on highly complex issues to senior management within various divisions and offices of the Corporation, as well as other agencies and members of the financial industry  and implements national programs related to CFI analysis involving backup supervisory and resolution planning-related activities.
  • Develops, tests and refines analytical processes and participates as the FDIC’s representative on various internal and external working groups and recommends changes related to existing policy/programs. Plans, conducts and leads collaborative efforts of Section staff, other groups within FDIC, other Federal regulators, and other parties to identify, collect, and manage pertinent information and data from assigned CFIs.

Travel Required

  • 25% or Greater
  • This position requires frequent overnight travel.

Relocation Authorized

  • Yes
  • Relocation benefits will be provided.