Job Overview


About the Agency

CRS seeks a Coordinator of Division Research and Specialist for its Government and Finance Division. The selectee will perform a range of duties in support of division management, including: conducting division review; participating in design review; systematically assessing congressional priorities and ensuring currency, quality, and relevancy of the division's product line and research plans; negotiating and coordinating intersectional and interdivisional requests for research and analysis; identifying seminar planning opportunities and assisting with the division's congressional outreach efforts; conducting studies and reviews for division management; supporting the orientation and mentoring of new and junior division staff; and developing and maintaining a limited portfolio of analytical writing and the associated requests that may arise from such portfolio.

Applications received for this position will not be considered for any other CRS vacancies. To be considered for this position you must meet the critical competency requirements of the job at the levels described below.
  1. Knowledge of the Congress, executive branch, judicial branch, intergovernmental relations, and/or economics: I am recognized by decision makers as a professional resource in fields relevant to the Congress, executive branch, judicial branch, intergovernmental relations, and/or economics.
  2. Ability to manage and coordinate public policy analysis: I have managed or coordinated public policy research and analysis in specific aspects of the Congress, executive branch, judicial branch, intergovernmental relations, and/or economics.
  3. Ability to assess the quality and authoritativeness of products and services: I have reviewed, evaluated, and provided feedback on the written work of researchers in an academic, business, or government setting.
Continue with the application process only if you are able to document on your resume that you meet the three requirements listed above. If you do not meet the qualification requirements for this position, we invite you to consider applying for other CRS positions for which your background and experience may be more appropriate. A separate application is required for each vacancy.


As coordinator of division research:

  • Supports the assistant director and deputy assistant director in reviewing research and analytical products at the division level for technical validity, compliance with established policies, and responsiveness to congressional requests. Refers division research and analytical products for peer review when appropriate. Coordinates interdivisional research with other divisions, ensures prompt review of research products referred from other divisions, and serves as a division liaison to the Review Office. Apprises division managers of significant existing or emerging review-related policy issues that may have Service-wide implications.
  • Resolves sectional subject coverage questions and ensures coordination of intersectional research. Advises division management on the need for coverage of emerging subject areas, training required to broaden the expertise of division research staff, and the need for external research contracts. Ensures accuracy of the Subject Directory with respect to the division's analysts and specialists.
  • Supports the assistant director, deputy assistant director, and section research managers throughout the research planning process, including advising analysts and specialists. Work includes design review advising on the proposed scope and depth, research strategies, methods of synthesis and analysis, premises to be used, relation of conclusions to basic data, validity of conclusions, need for other disciplinary viewpoints, and clarity and balance of written products; as well as broader product line and research planning. Coordinates divisional participation in Service-wide seminars and institutes.
  • Supports the coordination of orientation and mentoring of new and junior division staff, interns, and volunteers, ensuring they are well acquainted with Library and CRS policies with regard to research and analytical products.
As a specialist:
  • Prepares reliable, comprehensive, and authoritative studies and reports of the most significant and immediate subjects of the greatest importance for committees and Members of Congress.
  • Assists congressional committees and their staffs in planning hearings on problems of the greatest national importance; prepares agendas, suggests questions to be presented to witnesses appearing before the committees, and serves as consultant and advisor to committee chairmen and Members during the course of hearings.
  • Maintains a continuing working relationship with appropriate committees and their staffs; advises them on CRS and Library services and facilities.