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The Indian Health Service (IHS) is the principal federal health care provider and health advocate for American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN). The IHS goal is to raise Indian health status to the highest possible level. IHS provides leadership and direction to programs and activities designed to improve health outcomes to over 1.9 million AI/AN through a system of IHS, Tribal, and Urban operated facilities and programs.

The IHS is required by law to give absolute preference to qualified applicants who meet the Secretary of the Interior's definition of Indian for appointment to vacancies within the IHS in accordance with established IHS policy as outlined in the Indian Health Manual Part 7, Chapter 3. The IHS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

This is an Open Until Filled Job Opportunity Announcement. The following cut-off dates will be used to issue a certificate of eligibles: May 20, 2014; May 28, 2014; and every five (5) working days thereafter until the position is filled. Please ensure applications are complete before the cut-off dates to receive full consideration.

RE-ADVERTISEMENT”-- Those who already applied for this position "DO NOT" Need to Re-Apply “UNLESS” you would like to update your application and/or supporting documents; your applications will be re-considered.

This position is also being announced under Announcement # IHS-R2-AB-1067146-DE for those who want to be considered under Delegated Examining Plan. If you wish to be considered under all hiring plans you must submit an application to both job opportunity announcements.


  • Promotion Potential:  13
  • Is position covered by PL 101-630: YES--Print off and return Childcare Addendum for this position see under "How-to-Apply".
  • Housing Available: YES--Depending on Availability.
  • Tour of Duty: May have Call Back, Nights/Weekends/Holidays, 40 Hours Per Week (Possible overtime may be required).
  • Drug Testing Required: NO

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The Clinical Psychologist position is located in the Mental Health Department; the IHS Indian Health Hospital in

Fort Yates, North Dakota.  The primary purpose of this position is to provide clinical services that are complex and changes continuously depending on situation and patient need.  The work requires developing and formulating treatment plans and techniques and establishing work effectiveness criteria and evaluating methods.  Treatment decisions are usually not clear cut, but depend upon the unique needs of the patient that requires a decision on the part of the clinical psychologist as to what is most appropriate.   Provides a multifunctional psychological program including personality assessment, therapy, behavioral assessment, diagnosis, and recommendations pertaining to treatment; Provides therapeutic interventions and psychotherapy for individuals, families, and groups on an outpatient basis.

·       Position requires intensive clinical practice requiring the exercise of mature professional judgment and the ability to use a wide range of psychological skills.  The incumbent must work effectively with serious and complicated cases while requiring a minimum of supervisory control and guidance.  The Clinical Psychologist carries full professional responsibility for cases presenting a wide range of psychosocial and environmental problems. 

·       Requirements of this position involve the mastery of the theories, principals, concepts, and methodologies of clinical psychology that is required through formal education and training that meets the requirement for the Doctor of Psychology Degree. Incumbent is also required to exercise good judgment in the selection of accepted psychological theories, techniques and practices in treating patients. The development of new techniques and programs for the treatment of special problems or clinical population is also the responsibility of the incumbent.

·       Experience to make clinical diagnosis of mental illness (DSM-IV), of intervention into crisis intervention into crisis situations, brief therapeutic interventions, family and marriage/couples counseling, and of working with children and adolescents.  Experience and ability to diagnose and intervene in high risk situations such as suicidal behaviors, substance abuse, domestic violence, child abuse/neglect, sexual assault; psychiatric emergencies. Provide appropriate intervention and make proper referrals to other IHS departments, and /or local/regional resources.

·       Experience and ability necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of patients served.  Incumbent demonstrates knowledge of the principles of growth and development over the life span.  Ability to identify and categorize each patient’s age-specific grouping of needs, i.e., infant, adolescent, or geriatric patients.

·       Performs other position related duties as assigned.

Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • Occasional travel may be required for training and/or other work related duties.

Relocation Authorized

  • No