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We operate in four regions of the world:  Sub-Saharan Africa; Asia and the Near East; Latin America and the Caribbean; and Europe and Eurasia.  USAID employees in the Civil Service and Foreign Service, as well as individuals employed through Personal Service Contracts, must adhere to our Counter Trafficking in Persons Code of Conduct.  For information on the effort to counter all forms of human trafficking, including the procurement of commercial sex acts and the use of forced labor, visit

Within USAID, the Bureau for Democracy Conflict and Humanitarian Assistance (DCHA), brings together the wide-ranging technical expertise and global operational capabilities essential to crisis prevention, response, recovery, and transition efforts.

This Democracy Specialist position is located in DCHA's Center of Excellence on Democracy, Human Rights and Governance (DRG), on the Civil Society and Media Team (CSM).  The CSM Team focuses on DRG issues relating to civil society, media, youth, labor, and technology.  As the Democracy Specialist, the incumbent will be responsible for supporting activities to develop capacity of civil society organizations (including organizational capacity, financial viability and advocacy) and improving the legal enabling environment for civil society.


The incumbent serves as the Democracy Specialist in the Civil Society and Media Team, Center of Excellence on Democracy, Human Rights and Governance.

Serves as a Democracy Specialist on the Civil Society and Media (CSM) Team as an expert advisor and technical authority on complex and precedent-setting policy and program issues, develops policies, strategies, and plans for democracy, and democratic development, as well as programs/projects for agency-wide application, with a focus on civil society. Provides civil society technical advice and assistance to Regional Bureaus, Missions, host-country personnel and other stakeholders in defining democratic issues, conducting programs analysis, formulating strategy, making project recommendations, conceptualizing new programs or in redesigning ongoing ones. Prepares or reviews civil society-related concept papers and other documents and facilitates internal Bureau and broader Agency-level technical review and approval. Reviews and provides input into Country Development Cooperation Strategies (CDCS), Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance (DRG)-related Development Objectives (DOs), with a focus on civil society, Project Appraisal Documents (PADs) and program descriptions/statements of work. Mobilizes and maintains a body of civil society technical knowledge and utilizes comparative knowledge of civil society across countries to influence the implementation of USAID civil society programs.

Serves as project manager or alternate for civil society, media, youth and labor projects, performing the full range of project  management functions: prepares planning, authorization and implementation documents (e.g., scopes of work, Congressional notifications, budget projects) and monitors their timely clearance and execution; monitors grantee and contractor performance and project progress to identify substantive or administrative problems, taking corrective action with respect to modifications in project content or direction, funding, staff levels, etc., or on expansion or continuation of projects, initiates and reviews interim and final evaluations, and, where possible, participates in performing the latter.

Establishes and maintains effective working relationships and information networks with the inter-agency, USAID Missions, other donors, implementing partners, and other civil society stakeholders to gain a better understanding of their interests and to facilitate their participation and understanding of USAID programs.Designs and implements training programs on an Agency-wide basis to help assure that the Agency's democracy cadre is up-to-date on current thinking regarding best practices in civil society and media  programming, and applies state-of-the-art knowledge of key issues in these sub-sectors. Documents the Agency's strategic approaches in civil society and media programming, as well as reporting on accomplishments in achievement of the strategic outcomes in the sub-sector.

Prepares briefing papers and reports on bureau activities and progress for the Assistant Administrator, other AID offices, Congressional committees and other federal agencies; briefs senior staff regularly on inter-agency issues and priorities and recommends appropriate courses of action; in collaboration with the Bureaus for Legislative and Public Affairs and Program, Planning and Learning, confers with or responds to inquiries from members of Congress or their staffs on matters related to USAID-supported civil society and media assistance.

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