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This position is located in the Office of Grants and Debarment, Office of the Administration and Resources Management. The incumbent serves as the Deputy Director, Office of Grants and Debarment (OGD). In this capacity, participates fully with the Office of Grants and Debarment, in the planning, organizing, directing, controlling and coordinating the programs of responsibility. Works to integrate functions and operations where appropriate and leads special priority efforts at the direction of the Director. The Office of Grants and Debarment provides supervision and direction to, and serves as the steward for, the Agency’s assistance agreement, Interagency Agreement (IA), fellowship agreement, and suspension and debarment programs, and other designated management activities. The Office of Grants and Debarment performs the following functions in a National Program Manager capacity:

Grants and IA Operations: OGD is responsible for cradle-to-grave administrative management of all Headquarters-administered assistance agreements (grants, loans, cooperative agreements and fellowships). It is responsible, in partnership EPA Region 10 under a Shared Service Center structure, for the administrative management of all Agency IAs. Grants and IA oversight, policy, training and information technology (IT) OGD is responsible for the development and implementation of Agency policies and internal controls governing the administrative management of assistance agreements and IAs, the provision of associated training and IT systems, and administration of the Agency’s assistance agreement competition program. Suspension and Debarment: OGD is responsible for the investigations, case development and decision-making for all EPA suspension and debarment activity to ensure that only responsible persons participate in Agency contract and assistance programs.

Management Activities:OGD is responsible for providing advice, guidance, and support to government-wide initiatives, issues and priorities, including, but not limited to, the government-wide Council on Federal Assistance Reform, the Award Committee for E-Government, the Grants and Loans committee for E-Government, and the Interagency Committee on Suspension and Debarment. It is also responsible for providing advice, guidance, and support to Agency-wide initiatives and priorities, including overseeing the implementation of EPA’s long-term Grants Management Plan and convening the senior-level Grants Management Council.


  1. Program Planning: Accomplishes or directs the planning and other related staff work involved in the review, development, and execution of new or modified plans (i.e., long-term strategic and shorter-term action) and programs for the overall OGD Program. Discusses the objectives of the program with EPA officials and other interested Federal and non-Federal government officials as well as representatives of private industry, management groups, environmental organizations, academia, learned societies, and the general public. Studies the general objectives that are required by legislation, the problem that may arise, the background and purposes of the program; and the existing policies and laws pertaining to the program. Evaluates the situation by considering all of the factors which may influence the program, and collaborates with the other key officials of the Agency and with other Federal and non-Federal government officials in developing the plan and programs, both immediate and long-range, to be formulated and carried-out by the Agency in order to achieve the legal, regulatory, and policy objectives of OGD program. As part of this process, reviews and integrates divisional plans and programs into the overall program and recommends alternatives to the Assistant Administrator. 
  2. Program Organization: Accomplished or directs the actions involved in organizing the OGD program. Receives inputs from division directors, administrative staffs, and others and determines the allocation and utilization of resources (i.e., primarily staff and money) required to accomplish the program within the parameters established by legislation and Agency Policy. Reviews the OGD organizational and functional assignments in terms of meeting program goals and objectives. Integrates the various OGD programs into, a viable overall program that balances program objectives with program realities, i.e., what should be done vis-à-vis what can be done. Collaborates with the key Agency administrative and technical staff in defining the fundamental and far-reaching questions as they relate to the OGD program. Recommends or determines Agency policies in these areas and formulates the OGD strategy to support requests for staffing and financing needed to implement policy. Studies and evaluates the organization and operations of regional and Agency human resources and related offices to assure that program objectives receive proper consideration and recommends changes or improvements, as required.

Travel Required

  • Not Required

Relocation Authorized

  • No